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  1. Fugi

    my first 1st!

    what did u drop? him? i did a 40. no problem, chris from the club got mine. i might have to hang this one up.
  2. Fugi

    my first 1st!

    congrats rich. that was a nice run. not to steal your thunder, but someone told me i might of done the same thing in A open. i dont believe it though. my front bib feels like no air in it, its awesome.
  3. they should pick 30-40 AA racers from across the country and give them a bike to use for the year.
  4. Fugi

    WR250 bottom end help

    im good now. hard to type in phone too.
  5. Fugi

    Late model WR250 vs WR300

    haha rich, im not 50 yet so.... the 250 has a nice powerband. climbin those long slimy hills at speedsville, i could just lug it up them, or when i needed too, spin it up, the rear tire would launch it up, all with a 3 rock run wornout metzler unicross. that tire is a throw back to the 80s, shit maybe 70s. great rock tire.
  6. Fugi

    Late model WR250 vs WR300

    i know. i think u were just endin being a national rider when i started in 85? i heard your name here and there. u probably rode michau sp? and moonshine, ill be there. u can ride my 07 250 with showas on it. should feel like a 2010 with kayabas. i think thats the best thing husky could do. change to kayabas.
  7. Fugi

    Lightening clutch pull

    I used to notch the rod at the cam end to keep it from drillin a hole into it. Also drillin a hole in the perch to move the pivot point makes a big difference.
  8. When i kick my 250 in sneakers. I put the lever barely above the footpeg and kick it sharp and quick. It limits the kickback. It might work for u.
  9. Fugi

    Late model WR250 vs WR300

    Dude u been around the trail a bit. Just added. Werent u around when they invented dirt? Haha im 43, so i thought i could get away with that. But the older And less i ride, and tougher the trail gets less power is easier. I just rode speedsville. I didnt want more power in the slime. But its fng fun launchin a bike with extra power. 450s r fun until it gets tough, then it sucks.
  10. I got a 07 250 wr. I run out of gear at top speed. But i dont mind doin 100 on a dirtbike. I would think in australia most trails r wide open. Im used to 28"trees though. I would think a bigger bore 250 would vibrate more than a 250 but less than 500.
  11. Fugi

    WR250 bottom end help

    My first rule is. Dont even talk about workin on a bike while drinkin. But Call me im drinkin. But hit it harder. 3025639459.
  12. Fugi

    Nikasil coating hurts my wallet

    I use us chrome or powerseal. Dependin on your location.
  13. Fugi

    Triple Tree Bearig Installation Question

    I drop it in a coffee can with oil and heat that. Then i have tube to hammer on the inner race. When the oil smokes its ready. I hold it with visegrips in a vise. Its hot oil so i use pliers to pick it up.
  14. Fugi

    Carb problems on 04 te250

    i ran mine 2 clip positions richer than stock. it would die before i did that.
  15. Fugi

    Husqvarna sm510r- opinions please

    510 race bike. 610 good street bike. need clarification?