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  1. yz boy

    Just got the motor back!!!

    thats what happens when oil is not changed you rev it up in neutruel like a 2 storke and did not break it in or let it warm up. but i still ride 2 smoke till i die. ALWAYS CHANGE OIL AND FILTERS IN EVERY BIKE!!!!!!!!
  2. yz boy

    250 or 125

    im was thinking about my future of racing and it would be wierd to go from a 250 to a 125, cause summer is over and i dont have a job or the time. i would love to haul ass on both bikes...... but which one tho, my dads 94 yz250 kinda bucks me forword when i jump i dont know if its my size or the old school suspension.
  3. yz boy


    rich it out
  4. yz boy

    250 or 125

    im 13years old, im a rare brede of being a dumbass like, backflips, lazy boys, jumping shallow ponds, whoops that are 10 times more meaner then regular ones, theres plenty more. i have a yz85 and race in the b class and my mom and dad wont pay for it so i have to. i hill climb, wheelie, dune ride, ride at my 3 acre track, i know i can handle the power. my dad has a 1994 yz250 and i know they have changed a lot since then, the supension sucks but i love all that power, im 5'5 115lbs i keep in shape with wrestleing. lets say theres all stock 2005 yz125 and yz250 the 125 is $2300 the 250 is $2600 they are both in great condituion which one should i get??????
  5. yz boy


    i ride on my track with all 50ft doubles ( measured ) 90ft table top, and crazy rocker sections. i also go to the dunes and ride. any one else?
  6. yz boy

    Cylinder work...who do you use?

    http://www.mt-llc.com/Ordering/pricing.html millenium technolgies never had a problem local dealer recommend to me $200 and they match it to the piston. GREAT PLACE!!!!!
  7. yz boy

    couldn't stop myself

  8. yz boy

    Age & bike advice needed

    my dads 46 and hauls ass on his yz250
  9. yz boy

    Coming up short

    go up a gear and haul ass coming up short has caused me a sub frame dents in pipe, getting laughed at alot i have broken both ankles ant the same time, ate alot of dirt, busted my nuts a couple times , but now thats over
  10. yz boy


    im selling my yz 85 next week to a dealer, im looking to get a 2005 or newer yz125, i want an 05 cause of the 6 speed and aluminium frame. how much should a 05 yz125 be? if mostly stock? are there any problems with these years of 125s? anything should i need to get besides a r304 shorty?????
  11. yz boy

    Maxxis tires...

    i have a maxxis IT on my rear and i ride on the rode and the tire holds up great.
  12. yz boy

    kx100 missing at top end

    did you break it in right
  13. yz boy

    2004 kx125 or 2005 yz125

    if i can find a 2005 or newer yz125 , in indiana ill get it or a sorunding state but i clean filters every week and trans fuild and run 32:1
  14. yz boy

    2004 kx125 or 2005 yz125

    is pr2 any good like i can ride all day with breaks in between and then go and do that same thing the next day without having to worry about it not starting????
  15. my little yz 85 cant haul any more ass. the big just isnt big enough. i have bleed blue my whole life that along with 2smokes. my question is should i get a 2005 yz125 thats mostly stock or a kx125 with a lot of mods PR2 stage 3 Racing engine (6,000$+) PR2 works suspension (3,000$) After market front forks Podium X rear shock Works connection rear spring PR2 upgraded electrical system PR2 carburetor boring PR2 Deck Cylinder PR2 replated the cylinder PR2 FMF factory fatty pipe with FMF shorty silencer V Force reeds Renthal Bars Renthal sprockets Renthal O-ring chain Aluminum Bolt Kit to me it sounds like a great bike but should there be anything i should worry about and how much does a stock 04 kx125 wiegh, and yes i can handle the power i like to ride my friends 250fs and 250 pingers thanks yz boy