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  1. crf450xrider

    13-51 sprockets

    That gearing is stock on the X model.
  2. crf450xrider

    shock gas

    Dave, You might want to take the application into context, not just you pushing on a shock and feeling a difference of 60lbs. That 60 pounds of force is negligable when taking into account the force to bottom that shock with a normal shock spring on it. To do a test that really makes sense, you would probably want to test the shock mounted on the bike, with it's spring at proper preload, and then measure the force required to move the rear wheel 1 inch and then bottomed, with both your low pressure and high pressure settings. Testing without a proper context is kind of like peening in the wind...
  3. crf450xrider

    My Knocking 450X

    ZMR, What did you do to mod your suspension?
  4. crf450xrider

    250X Suspension Experts (x-post)

    What did yo do to your fork and shock valving? What sag do you use? What front tire do you like?