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  1. honda rider250

    How to waterlog a dirtbike...

    how do i change my name ???????????
  2. honda rider250

    How to waterlog a dirtbike...

    lol yeah i will change my name but couldnt do anything else but laugh but to get all the water out of the pipe me and bruce just put it into gear and lifted it up on its back wheel and out came all the water lol but now i got it running fine and it starts up and runs with no problem
  3. honda rider250

    How to waterlog a dirtbike...

    basically what bruce said he helped me get it running and told me what to do to get it all cleaned up had to do the oil about 4 times till it didnt look milky anymore and changed the gas and cleaned the oil filter and it starts up fine now
  4. honda rider250

    Hard Rock produces first Japanese U-boat commander

    Was the water cold ? Looks pretty green. the water was freezing the first thought when i hit the water and went under was this water is cold then jumped out like not other then just had to laugh about it
  5. honda rider250

    How to waterlog a dirtbike...

    lol yeah that was me in that picture feel the first jump that they were going to take pictures of me when i hit the landing i got caught up in the mud and it slid me to the left and once i got to the pond i had no where to put my feet down and bam right into the freezing water went completely under jumped out soo fast ahahaha and i was riding a trail bike on a track cause i wanted to and that was the first bike i got to get the hang of riding but i was clearing all the table tops which alot of people werent on there cool mx bikes but thanks for caring sooo much but other than all that every including me thought it was a funnny situation