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  1. T-dub13

    Internal rotor / super coil combo?

    oh, and If that isn't one, what IS a "super coil"?
  2. I'm wondering if the internal rotor from ebay will plug into the super coil from the same seller. He says NO because ther's a wiring harness, but my custom built bike only has a kill switch. Can I wire this Internal Rotor Ignition to a Super Coil? Can I then replace the CDI Box with a high peformance 5 pin one? The physical wiring isn't the problem, it's which will work with what! Thanks!
  3. T-dub13

    BBR BIG bore Kit Cam

    bump. Can anyone comment on the ebay cam?
  4. T-dub13

    BBR BIG bore Kit Cam

    Yeah, fun track and fun bike. I'm more of a 2T builder, so I need some help with cams. The one on ebay is: Lift .266” IN/.266” EX. Duration 210° IN/206° EX @.050” Compared to stock: ~~.240 ------------225 @.04 What I don't get is: Even though the stock duration is measured at .01 lower than the ebay cam, it looks like the ebay cam has a lot shorter duration. How could this be a performance cam? And even if it gives more power, wouldn't it be low-mid power? What cam would you all recommend for each of my bikes? I'm thinking a revver for the XR100 and a mid range cam for the KX/XR. Anyone help me here? Thanks!
  5. T-dub13

    BBR BIG bore Kit Cam

    Here's a vid showing how bad she needs more mid/top, but the bottom os pretty strong. FUN BIKE! http://s13.beta.photobucket.com/user/beefytorque/media/TWTestride2.mp4.html
  6. T-dub13

    BBR BIG bore Kit Cam

    Resurrecting an old thread here, but I searched for as much info on here as I could find and would like some help if the guru's could chime in. I'm looking for two cams. One for a ported stocker which the rider revs the pi$$ out of, so looking for mid-top on a stocker... The other cam is for a heavily massaged stock head, TB132 motor with a (I think 28mm) mikuni, suctom intake manifold and custom exhaust. This one wants more mid/top as well. On ebay now is a cam for $69.99. It's specs are: NEW:High performance race camshaft for CRF100's XR100's. Excellent quality and fast! Lift .266” IN/.266” EX. Duration 210° IN/206° EX @.050” Here's the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HONDA-CRF100-XR100-RACING-HI-PERFORMANCE-CAM-CRF-XR-100-/170939650202?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item27cccc109a&vxp=mtr Would this cam make any difference in eithe bike? Thanks, for any suggestions!
  7. T-dub13

    how to? 80cc to 115cc cheap?

    Guys, I've got an '86 XR80 with mod'd suspension and a stock motor. I ALSO have a 1983 XR100 motor on my workbench. Not going for a national title or anything, but just want some power to go. SO I'm thinking a 115cc kit (from TB) on the XR100 Motor in the XR80 frame would be a fun little play bike. (plus the obvious 100 carb, exh, and gearing (which I'll figure out later). Just a throw-out here... Should I do it? (BTW: I can machine and weld) For $200 it seems totally worth the gain. Please tell me if I'm delusional!!! Also, if I pop a new bigger top end on that 100 motor, (and then the motor into the XR80 chassis), will I need to at least beef up the clutch??? What about gearing? Thanks for any help!!!!
  8. T-dub13

    XR80 smokes alot

    I do a similar thing to replace the seal. Take sparkplug out, stuff a bunch of rope into the SPPLG hole, rotate crank to lightly compress the rope against the valves, then push the retainer down while a friend grabs the cotters with tweezers. The entire job can be done in 15 minutes! btw I use a (I think its a 3/4") socket with a window cut into it for my fiddies, but haven't tried the 80 or 100 motors yet.
  9. T-dub13


    I run header wrap on my Buell. It shouldn't make that much of a difference in run temp. The heat will stay in the exhaust, so if your timing is off and the engine is sucking exhaust back into the cylinder a little bit it will run hotter, but that's also because it will be running really inefficiently. I think that the lack of hot air coming off the pipe and heating the cyl / head fins should make it run a little cooler. Header wrap should make the motor run better really due to the higher exh temp which will help the motor scavenge better.
  10. T-dub13

    Build my XR100 motor!

    The motor's got great compression which is surprising in that the previous two owners ran it without an airfilter. The carb has had the choke removed. (useless mod IMHO) So any bets as to whether this motor has already been modded? Or how to tell without tearing it apart?
  11. T-dub13

    XR80 Engine Swap/Upgrades.

    Do a search on this forum and you will get a ton of info. This is about the most posted topic. I haven't dug too deep into my engines yet, but done a lot of reading here so maybe I can give you some short answers: The small end (rod) bearing is 1mm smaller on the 80, so the top ends don't swap. The heads are very similar, but the 100 has bigger runners and larger combustion chamber. The 80 only has a few hop-up options while the 100 has plenty of upgrades available. The 100 will bolt righ into the 80 frame. All you need besides the motor (duh) is the carb and air boot. Exhaust and CDI aren't a necessity, but also nice to have. I'm probably missing a lot of info as I'm just getting ready to do the swap myself. Other guys on this board can fill in the blanks as they're much more experienced.
  12. T-dub13

    Strange idleing problem.

    It's an XR200? What year? I had the same problem on an XR80 and rebuilt the carb like 10 g'dang times. Turned out it was the mechanical timing advance in the flywheel hanging up. It was keeping the timing advanced at idle and the idle would take forever to "settle down" after blipping the throttle. Seemed exactly like a lean condition but wasn't. So whatever it is, if the carb's correct and there's no air leak, you might want to take a look around in other places. there's a lot of things that will make it seem like a lean condition but it's actually a different problem.
  13. T-dub13

    crf80 blackish plug

    The electrodes are where you "read" the plug, so it sounds like it's jetted well. The fact that the rest of the exposed area is sooty might be an indication that it's burning a little oil or your boy isn't taking it off choke soon enough. You should take it off choke as soon as possible without stalling.
  14. T-dub13

    Build my XR100 motor!

    Thanks ohfugit, I'll check them out.
  15. T-dub13

    Build my XR100 motor!

    Hey TORQ'D nice S1 dude! I've got a '99 M2 (Andrews n6, 42mm flatslde mik, westek aircleaner, customized rebuilt V&H can, bla, bla). Check out http://www.americanthunderbike.org/ I post as Todd there. So I'm still struggling with the '85-'03 cam situation. I guess I'll just use the phone and try to find the info from a sales shmo. If the difference is bearings or something critical I might be machining new cam journals or looking for a later year head. CDI sounds very tempting also. I'll be putting the rest of the '83 XR100 (in parts) in the classified section of this forum and maybe elsewhere. Anyone looking for XR100 parts let me know. I'm always up for a barter or trade not exclusively cash.