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  1. I had an old man step in front of me in the middle of the Somerset, Mountain Ridge GNCC race2 years ago. I clipped him pretty hard and he went down. I truly tried to avoid him. My first thought was that this guy was watching the race and probably couldn't hear me and stepped out. I thought i did the right thing by stopping to help him up until he grabbed me by the arm and said i was on his property and he was calling the cops. Let me remind you this was an AMA sanctioned Grand National Cross Country race. I shrugged him off and kept going. reported it to the nearest track official and never heard anything about it ever again. Another story is i was riding on my OWN property. nearest house is a 1/4 mile away or so. Crazy neighbor walked about 100 yards from me and a few friends and decided to rip off a clip from an AK over our heads. I know he wasn't shooting at us but he literally shot 20 feet over us. I guess technically thats still shooting at us. Anyways, we called the cops and he got arrested and ended up spending the weekend in jail. never pursued it any further cause this guys was clearly a little off and we didnt want to piss him off anymore. he ended up dying of cancer about 2 years later. Karma's a bitch i guess. So take those two stories and i'll tell you from my experience, people are nuts. Sometimes you just have to watch your back even if you are totally legal and in the right.
  2. Quads are for fat chicks..... no one wants fat chicks hanging around the track. Duh!
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    HELP! Slow fuel refill?

    Probably the tank vent. If you use a shorty vent they are prone to clogging. I actually think it is a stupid idea to use one of those.
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    Chest pain after riding?

    You have to be more specific about what kind of pain it is. Is it a muscle pain or something deeper, and when you say breast bone do you mean your sternum? Also, is this something that is brought on by the physical exertion. Does it stop hurting shortly after your body comes to rest or is it a consistent nagging pain?
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    Tire Balls... any feedback?

    They are really hard to pop and you probably wont know you did it until you go to change your tire. That is if you only pop one. I remember reading a dirt rider article once about using tennis balls in the front tire. I cant remember exactly how many but i know it was not as many as the tire balls call for and it have you a 13 psi feel. I also used to run the tubliss tire system and thought it was awesome. but that is another thread in its own i think.
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    M12 or S12?

    M-12 is garbage. that's all you need to know. It sucks in rocks roots and anything in between. The s-12 is a much more well rounded tire and regardless what everyone says about its performance in the mud, it is really quite good. Not the best but definitely good. The s 12 front is the cats meow in my opinion. Favorite set up is the mt-16 rear with a s-12 front. second would be s-12 combos.
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    Know any exercises to strengthen grip?

    re-grip. A lot of the time you hands cramp up because you have a harsh grip. when you ride practice relaxing your fingers on sections that you are able to. If you train yourself to adjust your grip according to the situation your hands will last a lot longer and you will begin to do it without thinking about it. I know when i am coming down downhills i will have my fingers outstretched. Just long enough to get the blood flow.
  8. stay with the 16. the 12 and 51 wear almost the same. I feel like the 51 needs to spin up before i get traction. I have it on right now. when its smoked ill probably go back to the pirelli. I have about 6- 8 hours on it and it still rides nice though.
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    Gearing for trail...

    Its rider ability and comfort. depends on your personal preference. Trial and error. Dont change the front sprocket and only go 2 teeth max on the back. 1 tooth on the front equals about 3 on the rear.
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    What do yall put in your Camlebacks?

    +1 on the GU energy. There good for about a 2 hour energy burst plus they have ginger in them that helps calm your stomach. I use Smart water cause it has electrolytes in it and about half the recommended dose of cytomax or something similar. I found the required dose or more always made me feel sick. Just too sweet tasting for me. Sometimes i will splash some gatorade in there too to get the sodium count up. The 2 salt packs from Mickey D's helps a lot too but dont try this with some sort of gatorade drink. Stay away from the energy drinks. sugar is the enemy.
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    New pics of backyard track.

    Here's mine.
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    09' 450xcw vs. 10' 450xcw

    Here is the Frame for the 450 sxF Frame Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 Here is the Frame for the 450 xcW Frame Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 These special editions are fitted with every detail necessary for top competition straight from KTM. They feature: exclusive Six Days graphics, Enduro Racing headlight, tail light, quick-release plastic skid plate, Selle Dalla Valle Italian seat with card holder, radiator cooling fan, Stealth orange chain sprocket, front axle pull, handlebar pad, fork bleeder valves and rear brake retaining pin. Sixdays Features: - Mexico Six Day limited edition graphics - Frame powder coated in Orange - Quick release plastic engine protector - Radiator fan - Black anodized CNC machined triple clamps - Selle Dalla Valle Italian seat cover with card pocket - Stealth rear sprocket - Front axle puller - Quick-change rear brake pad pin - Breather valves for front fork Those value-added items alone could probably explain the price tag, but the bike itself gets some great upgrades including a new frame that works in concert with a 22mm-offset triple clamp, suspension tuning and lighter Excel rims. The backbone of the frame is changed to attach 10mm lower on the steering head tube. That lowers the tank, changes the angle of the seat, drops the engine a bit lower and forward, and steepens the shock angle, which changes the way the rear suspension forces affect the front suspension. All of which it shares with its SX-F motocross brother.
  13. Display Name

    09' 450xcw vs. 10' 450xcw

    The champions edition is a 09.5 bike. it's not technically considered a 10 even though they labeled it as one.
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    09' 450xcw vs. 10' 450xcw

    They also upgraded the Chassis to the SX chassis, reworked the suspension and fork angles. It comes with electric fan, axle pulls and a bunch of other neat little things. It is the better bike but money has a way of compromising decisions.