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  1. lazyjane70

    Stewart on the 450F Yesterday.

    yeah, but bubba gets paid to ride, do you? huh? huh? that and people know who he is for his riding skills, do people know who you are for your skills? dont go up against a pro, youll never win.
  2. lazyjane70

    Stewart on the 450F Yesterday.

    bubba knows what hes doing, hes one of the greatest riders ever! i agree with scotty/holeshot here, i think we need to stop and give bubba a moment of silence for his skill. even though he has been missing alot of stuff... hes still a better rider than all of us! dont hate, congradulate!
  3. lazyjane70


    nice pictures, love the hair. you just need some dark red in the front, i think that would look xtra special!!!
  4. lazyjane70

    Glen Helen Questions?

    i have been to glen helen, its nice... they have water and ice i believe, and a few places to get some food, so i think your set!!! the main track is insane there, i got to see langston, tedesco and all them ride there, i also saw allesi be a jerk and try to f** the race for tedesco. stupid allesi. i hate him.
  5. DUST TO GLORY... gets inside the baja, its an awesome movie!!! 10 thumbs up, wait, i mean 2 thumbs up