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  1. Riptorn

    Rear shock options for KLR 650???

    Kind of scary/funny, one of my labs got out on Saturday night. Didn't find him till Sunday afternoon. Preload is cranked to 5, and it's still rubbing at times. Maybe because I'm 230 pounds? lol Chrome everything??? Hell, it's held together by duct tape and zip ties! And I can't find a place willing to chrome ductape and zip ties for a reasonable price...
  2. Riptorn

    Rear shock options for KLR 650???

    Yeah, seals are completely gone. Bike compresses shock considerably under it's own weight. Pretty much bottoms out with an actual person on it. The maual says this isn't rebuildable though. Need a replacement.
  3. Riptorn

    Rear shock options for KLR 650???

    Wow. Definitely need to find a cheaper option (recent divorce, lost job, selling my truck...KLR is primary transportation). The $370-550 prices I'm seeing, before even contacting the dealer, well, that just ain't gunna work. Anybody had a shock they wanted to try on a KLR but haven't taken the time to try it? Looks like I'm about to boldly go where no man has gone before and try to cram one of my old Rancho 9000's on this bike...um, somehow. hhahaaaa. Yeah, I'm using humor to keep me from
  4. Search function is disabled right now, much like my daily driver KLR 650. So I'm a little under the gun to find some info in regards to replacement. I'd rather kick a hog in the ass than go through the stealership. Are there any other shocks I can use??? Doesn't have to be an exact replacement. I don't mind modding to fit. And I have access to various junked bikes I might could pull parts from to get me back on the road. As usual, many thanks for the help. Awesome people, awesome resource.
  5. Riptorn

    Fuel flow issue on KLR 650.

    Well, so far so good........looking for wood to knock on! Took the carb off and cleaned the hell out of anything and everything in, on, attached to, or even remotely close to it. Hahahaaa. Seems to be working pretty well. Been riding it pretty much every day since putting the carb back on, and things seem to be working ok. I took the petcock apart and fiddled with it for a while. Put it back together, and it doesn't seem to be leaking anymore. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions. ****STARTING NEW THREAD WITH NEW PROBLEM****
  6. Riptorn

    klr 650 ice racing?

    Well go for it then, and be sure to let us know how it goes.
  7. Riptorn

    klr 650 ice racing?

    I don't think I'd take mine on ice without training wheels, a crystal ball, and the left foot of an albino raven. Seriously.
  8. Riptorn

    Fuel flow issue on KLR 650.

    It's an east coast bike as far as I know, so hopefully de-californication won't be necessary. Hahhaaa. Well, the petcock is actually leaking a little so I'm going to replace that. Stealership wants damn near $70 for the part. And Dennis Kirk says they don't have anything that will work with it. Whole bunch of dammit. Anyway, with the carb recently cleaned and a new petcock, we'll see what happens.... Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.
  9. Riptorn

    Fuel flow issue on KLR 650.

    I thought for sure it was a float problem, but the whole keep flowing while the petcock is 'off' thing sorta throws things out the window. And it's a vac actuated petcock, so I don't see how it was still flowing fuel when the bike is not running and the petcock is also in the off position. THAT just plain baffles me. All I know is that the weather is kick ass and I want my bike running!!!
  10. I ran a search but couldn't find anything to match my problem. So here goes....kinda long, but trying to give ALL the details so I can fix this damn thing! Hahaha. Anyway, my bike has left me stranded twice recently, and not in good places. Basically flooding out, but not sure why. First time, at the bottom of a rock quarry after riding for about 2 hours, decellerating...bike dies out. Try to start it with no luck, then I smell gas. Fuel is pretty much pouring out the overflow tube. And by pouring, I mean a steady and continous flow, even after no longer trying to start the bike (like for several minutes!). Sooooo, I flip the petcock into the 'off' position to stop the flow. And fuel keeps on coming out the tube!!! Way more than a bowl's worth. I try all 3 positions of the petcock and nothing is stopping it. I then grab a wrench and bang on the carb in case the float is hung up. The fuel flow soon stops. Towed it up and out of the quarry with my buddy's DRZ. Ooof, THAT was fun. Steep uphill on loose gravel. Oh yeah, loads of 'fun' and there's still rocks in my teeth. Anyway, on to the second time. Bike rode great for a week or so after that then died again on me, but without the constant fuel overflow this time. Same flooding issue and overflow, but only while hitting the starter. 1. Took the carb off the bike and it seems to be fine. Clean enough to eat out of. Float and everything seems to be operating just fine. Not gunked up. No feel of hanging up throughout any of it's operation. Feels like butter really. Perfect. 2. I've had problems with the petcock getting stuck 'closed' a few times I've had to take the tank off the bike. Had to actually force air through to get the diaphram freed up so it would flow fuel and start the bike again after the whole tank removal bit (happened 3 separate times in a row). MY QUESTIONS Is it possible for the petcock to get hung open and flood the carb to the point of overflow? Or should the float stop that overflow??? I figured the float would control that but have been told that might not be the case. Or does it sound like strictly a carb issue? I did clean the carb while it was off the bike yesterday and the bike ran fine when I put it back on. The problem is that I don't want to get stranded AGAIN. I'm getting a new petcock anyway as this one is now leaking (sllllowly) but I wouldn't mind some backup opinions on what's causing this engine flooding. Getting stranded sucks. Any ideas/opinions/thoughts would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Riptorn

    cost ?? New Klr 650

    Like they've changed much in the last 20 years. Hahahaha.
  12. Riptorn

    Chickens CAN Fly!!!

    Once April finds this forum, I'm in biiiiig trouble.
  13. I kinda liked making their heads wobble.
  14. Riptorn

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    She got a single sister in NC by any chance? lol (just kidding man!)
  15. Riptorn

    Prefered Factory Dual Sport

    Is it me, or do some of you guys take this way too seriously. I just got a KLR 650. Already upped the front disc, waiting on new springs, etc. And my main reason for getting this bike was the price, which was about 1/2 what it should be. Even on this heavy off-road turd, I can fairly well keep up with most. I say ride what you can afford and enjoy the hell out of it. That said, the DRZ-400 get's my vote. Hahahaaaaaa!!!! But if you run across a smoking deal on any of the others, get it, and roll it like ya stole it. Each bike has it's limitations. Get to know your bike, and have fun with it. THAT's what matters.