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    I should have said this is for my lovely 2003 xr250r
  2. petekuk


    hi all Just got my renwal notice from carol nash they have offered GBP 171.60 3rd fire and theft is this good or anyono know any better ps this is with 8yrs no claims
  3. Hi nice problem !!!! to have not!!! is there any way the bolt can be pulled form the otherside ??? cheers pete uk
  4. anyone know where i will get one from and how hard are they to fit ? would a novice like me be able to fit or is it a pro only job???
  5. petekuk

    xr250r security

    Hi all i have just found this amazing site i have a few questions that hopefully someone will be able to help i am in the process of obtaining a 2003 xr250r been new to this and been in the uk are there anything i can do to help with the lack of security? like how do i fit a key ignition? is it possible to fit an alarm ? other than a **** ing big chain and lock what else can i do thanks aready pete k