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  1. controlled chaos

    2002cr125 dull clattering noise??

    video of the noise click here
  2. controlled chaos

    2002cr125 dull clattering noise??

    my jetting is stock 400 main and the .325 pilot or whatever it is and the clip is in the middle 3rd position. i ran it 70 degrees out no humidity the plug is great. i run 5 gallons of high test to 1 bottle of spectro faithfully. its definitly in the motor not a ping...more of a knock real present at idle. goes away when hard on the gas......comes back immediatly when i let off the throttle. and also is definitly in the top end will video if i can....
  3. controlled chaos

    2002cr125 dull clattering noise??

    i ran the bike this weekend and it runs great but the clatter is very annoying. its definitely coming from the top end powervalve bearing?? shaft i dont know anyone experience this??? i would like to fix before i run this bike in the unidilla gncc this weekend. im 30 years old and have been riding for 14 years till i shattered my tibea plateua severly .. had to sell my 04 crf 250 and my 05 rmz 450 cause i could no longer kick them over. but i can kick the 125:) so thats why im riding one plus they are fun. factory connection just set up the suspension eline carbon fiber all over it 20inch front wheel sst pipe shorty silencer scotts steering stabilizer the list goes on im ready to drop into gravity cavity this weekend:) but i wish i knew what the dam clattering noise is. if no replys by tommorow i will buy new everything in the top end.
  4. controlled chaos

    Need: Carb for a '93 CR250

    i have one just pm me and pay for shipping its yours
  5. controlled chaos

    2002cr125 dull clattering noise??

    this noise is coming from the top end. dont know much about the bike till 2 weeks ago. i got the bike cheap and went through it . split cases and rebuilt everything. didnt touch the cylinder, it was in good shape. installed new piston and rings and cleaned the powervalve. now theres an awful chatter from the top end so i took the pipe and powervalve cover and noticed that that the powervalve flaps are loose from the square shaft they sit over. they shouldnt have any play right???? i think this is my problem ....... i have another parts bike with an ok cylinder i could try but wanted to see if anyone else experienced this problem.i will probbally just replace everything with new if i know that the noise will go away.
  6. controlled chaos

    wanted: 3rd gen cr250 frame

    im not sure probally have it on ebay by friday.
  7. controlled chaos

    wanted: 3rd gen cr250 frame

    i have an 2002 cr 125 frame....... will sell. pretty much have a whole parts bike minus suspension let me know
  8. controlled chaos

    crf250r chainguide important!!!!!!!!

    keep an eye on chain guide the mounts are horribly weak i have a brp chain guide like a tm designs mounts got shifted from hours of trail abuse lost chain at unidilla gncc put it back on thought nothing of it then last sunday while climbing crazy rutted hill in the woods caught root lost the chain the case saver did its job but the chained jammed inbetween thesprocket and the shift shaft the shift shaft gave out and took the case with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idont think im the only one because honda has 30 on back order with a dec 29 date for eta bummer long story short keep a eye on that chain guide!!!!!!!!!!!!! any cases out there please let me know thanks