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  1. 250FGuy

    Pinning The Ridge Viewing

    I would love to see this in a theater setting and own a copy, but how from seattle is it to where the screening is?
  2. 250FGuy

    Teeter Totter design?

    I've ridden on teeter totters before and they are fun and improve your balance skills alot. One was big enough for quads and the other only big enough for bikes. Build it like a play ground teeter totter,just thicker wood. For the hinge use the bearings that have the 2 bolt holes on either side and allow you to slide a rod through the middle,dont know the name of them. I might still have my directions on how to build them from back in my dirtbike 4H days, will check when I get home tonight.
  3. 250FGuy

    Take Tiger Mountain back

    I am the same way with trail manners, but dam people suck.
  4. 250FGuy

    Take Tiger Mountain back

    Now if we all could come to the conclusion that we all are losing our areas of recreation, and combine into one super group that has members from each recreation to take on the forest stealing government.
  5. +1 Cant wait for the money to be put to use.
  6. 250FGuy

    6 Hour (6 Mar 2011)

    In the process of getting ready.Waiting on tax return to order parts. But I am a little lost, can I just show up and pay the $40 or is there more I need to do?
  7. 250FGuy

    helmet or headlight

    Will take that into consideration. I will probably upgrade the headlight and get a good helmet light. I see the you 2 are from oregon and idaho,the 24hr your talking about is the almost 24hrs at starvation ridge? I am prepping myself and bike for this event as I would like to ironman it. I do want to make it to the 6 and 12 hr events also. Im all ears to any and all advice you have for me.
  8. I'm in the process of setting my bike ,'06 wr250f, with some better lighting.So I can run some night races coming up this year.I would like get the trail tech extreme and a trail tech helmet light. I think my budget is only going to allow one or the other. So my question is which would you run if you could only afford the headlight or helmet light?
  9. Correct.I think.I have my truck and bike registerd in moses lake at my parents house.Cost me $55 for tabs like 4 months ago.
  10. 250FGuy

    Uncorking a 06 WR250F-Advice

    My bike is a '06 Wr250F.I have done all the free mods listed in the faq.This thing absolutly rips.Lots of lowend power for tight trails.
  11. Ok.Trying to help out a fellow TTer.He has a '04 engine needing a new cylinder head.I have an '05 cylinder head just chillin in my tool box.From the searching I have done it seems to me that it will work.The '05 cylinder head needs to be used inconjuction with the the '05-'09 piston.Can someone confrim this for me please? I really dont want to sell this person parts that wont work.
  12. 250FGuy

    sticky brake pedal

    Thanks for the replies.Didnt even think about greasing the pedal up when I had it apart the other day.Will do it tonight and check back with my findings.
  13. 250FGuy

    sticky brake pedal

    Bike:'06 Wr250F Problem:Sticky rear brake pedal Details:Both brakes have worked fine since I bought the bike.[2nd owner]I went ridding about 2 weeks ago and 10 min into the ride my rear brake pedal starts to stick when pushed down.I would have to lean over and pull the lever up.I still was able to stop,but would drag because the pedal didnt go back up.Rode the rest of the day with just the front brakes,not much fun.Got home and washed the bike, made sure there was nothing jammed in or around the brakes.Still would get stuck at the bottom of the stroke.Next I bled the brakes manually,didnt gravity feed.Still getting stuck.The spring from the frame to the pedal is still in good condition.Im going to replace the fluid mon or tues night after work. Should I look at rebuilding the master cylinder or is there some bigger problem here?
  14. 250FGuy

    Anybody riding Eastern Wa Sat or Sun

    Its about 45min from moses lake.They have 4 tracks.I think 2 of them are kids track.Check the website to be sure though.Its toesmxp.com