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  1. virtualt

    YZ/DRZ400S to a CRF250X?

    Until 2 weeks ago, I had a 05 250x, and in the 31 months I owned it, all I ever did was change the oil, the oil filter and the air filter, oil and filter every 3 rides and a new air filter (ready filters) when needed. It never had the valve cover off, or a wrench on the engine, never needed to, started on the electric starter whenever it was pressed, left old gas in it for a couple of months, still started perfect. Had about 15 Hare Scrambles on it, one of which I won, several trophies, god only knows how much trail riding, I even put a fake tag on it and rode it around the mountains in Georgia, both on and off road. Put a set of motard wheels on it from a buddies 450, and done about 80 miles around a race track screaming it's nuts off, now that was fun:ride: Was I lucky, maybe, however, at every hare scramble I attended, there would always be several x's, and I would always ask them how much work have they had to do to them, never, did one of them say valves, or any other major mechanical item. Honda must of sold thousands of these bikes, maybe 10's of thousands, who knows? I can tell you this though, when a bike is good, very few people say so, when they have a problem, they will bitch and moan like a child on the message boards, and who know if they really had issues, or if they just like whinging? Me, I liked the odds, thousands to one that I would not have an issue. Skippy It had a JD jet kit, the airbox opened up and a Bill's Pipes full titanium system
  2. virtualt

    Trail tech motorcycle computer thumbs up or thumbs down?

    I am on my 3rd unit, 2 fell apart because the billet protector was not holding them away from the aluminum enough, so they vibrated apart, the 3rd puked when I washed the bike. TrailTech sent me another billet mount and a new unit, no charge, so I would have to say their service is second to none. Skippy
  3. virtualt

    Won't Start - Valves are Perfect

    Change the spark plug, I had one go bad and exhibited the exact same symptoms as you are describing. An internal combustion engine needs three things to run, Compression (valves sound ok) Fuel (spray a little carb cleaner on the filter) and ignition. As soon as I put in a new plug, she fired straight up, I now keep a spare on the bike, just in case. Good Luck, Skippy
  4. virtualt

    250x may be for me?

    I have a 2005 CRF250X bought in July of 05, and have raced about 10 hare scrambles, won 2 of them, and hole shot against many 450's, usually finishing in the top 10 of about 30-35 riders. Still on the stock valves and head, never even had the valve cover off, I do change the oil in both engine and transmission, including the filter, after every race, or every 2-3 trail rides, which usually end up at race speeds when it's with your buddies:ride: . Hi-FLO filters are cheap and with the oil it comes to about $5 per change. Air filters, I use the Ready Filters and change them after every race, dusty or not, at $8.95, they are cheap insurance. Still on the stock chain and sprockets, did change the shock and fork springs for the CRF450, and added the JD Jetting kit, that jet kit alone woke the bike up BIG TIME. Bike starts of the first push of the button every time, and so far, had been extremely low maintenance and very reliable. Skippy
  5. virtualt

    Blowing Smoke?

    Blipping the throttle will cause the Accelerator pump to shoot in a charge of neat fuel. Most of which goes unburned until the motor is really warmed up. Nothing to worry about. Skippy
  6. virtualt

    Anyone Looking to Sell The Recluse Auto Clutch For Their 250X?

    Pretty sure he asked if anyone wanted to get rid of one, not your personal opinions as to whether he needs one?
  7. virtualt

    Card? Needle?

    I believe the needle that should have come in the kit is paramount to any kind of jetting upgrades if you use the scale and instructions that were supplied with the kit. I would call JD and have them overnight you a needle if it was their mistake that it was not in the kit. Skippy
  8. virtualt

    Hard to start when it's cold outside

    Mine is the same when it is around 45 outside, I just undo the airbox cover and give it a short 1/2 second burst of carb cleaner on the filter and it fires first push of the button. (disclaimer) if you do this and it back fires and catches the filter on fire it is not my responsibility. Skippy
  9. virtualt

    bikes for father and son

    Get the 250X to start with and then when your son has outgrown the TTR, give him your 250 and get a 450X. Skippy
  10. virtualt

    Handguards for 250X

    Tusk Flex system from rockymountainatv.com $55.00, had them on for over a year and still work perfect. 8 or 10 hare scrambles and plenty of practice in tight woods, no problems what so ever. Skippy
  11. virtualt

    How would you spend $700 on upgrades to a stock CRF250X

    Suspension, then Suspension, then if you have anything left over, a JD jetting kit, then leave it alone until your skill level has exceeded the available power, then go big bore. Forget about a pipe, the increase, if any is marginal, you just make it louder, and that is the wrong direction unless you want to diminish our already sparse riding areas. Skippy Skippy
  12. virtualt

    Bit the bullet and ordered a 290cc Athena

    How did you prevent any swarf going down into the crankcases, or around the main bearing? Skippy
  13. Ok girls, I went ahead and ordered a 290cc Vertex kit, after speaking with Eric Gorr and how he raves about it. My question is, and I am merely looking for input, not a difinitive decison, what sort of head work and cam work has anyone (if anyone) has been done and with what results? Seen a lot of talk about the 280cc kit, would like to gather some input on the 290cc kit. I know I will be getting familiar with the Dremel to hone out the cases, which is no problem to me, been tuning 2 stroke cylinders for years. Just not sure what direction to go with the head, cam and valve, if any, brand new to this 4 stroke technology? Currently have the JD jetting kit and a full Bill's titanium pipe if need. Skippy
  14. virtualt

    250 Hard Start?!?!

    Sounds like the clutch lever switch is grounding and not allowing the ignition circuit to operate. Skippy
  15. virtualt

    trail tech endurance billet protector

    I have it on my 05 250X, I wouldn't reccomend anyone RACING without it, especially in tight woods where branches are hanging down just waiting to rip anything off the bars that is not bolted down. I lost my first one before I had the billet protector, so I speak from some experience. Oh, and by the way, I had one lying around for a 2000 YZ250 and it mounted up perfect, no grinding, although you obviously have to remove the stock odometer first. Skippy