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  1. This is just what I need to Know now also. My new xr250 just got the same problem. Measured voltage with the light connected is 2.4V And with the white/yellow wire pulled out of the plug it measures about 20V at idle.So the way I see it problem with stator is only under load. Does that make sence. Mine is the newer model don't know if the same colour wire pre 1996.
  2. squiz

    XR250R fork tuning

    I'm always interested in what people do to their forks. I weigh about 165lb and use 47kg springs in my forks. And have lowered the oil height to minimum spec. Also used 10 weight fork oil to get rebound correct. have backed off the compression dampening all the way. And have droped the forks 3/8 inch under top clap. Bike is a lot more stable at speed in the sand. I need to ride it more before I try to improve it more. so far so good. Even with that spring weight, it is more compliant then with the compression wound up.
  3. squiz

    Xr250 vs. xr400

    Age and Wieght
  4. First how do I fix my profile. I don't see how to change country to Australia. Ok I've done all the free modes except replace the resistor with a piece of metal. Looks to me its there for a reason. to limit currant. To people who have done this, Has it made a differance without burning out your coil. I ride in remote areas so want to keep things reliable. thanks
  5. squiz


    Thats what I was thinking too. But the wife won't let me store it in the livingroom. The dealership in Alice said that the XR's in Australia now are the last. They are doing runout sales for them now. Anyway I've got mine.
  6. squiz


    Just registered, because you guy's conviced me to go out and buy one of the last XR built for Australia. Build date is March 2005. I am just setting the little 250 up now, the forum is a big help. I also have a KTM200exc which I have always been happy with. But just wanted somthing else that can rack up lots of miles. The XR's are the last of that breed.