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  1. 4shore

    CR-HI bars

    Factory Suzuki bend all the way, good height and flatest pull back, look at the chart on pro taper to figure out dimentions. I have cr high, windahm and factory suzuki.
  2. 4shore

    Rekluse Pro

    any gear you need, hence the word auto clutch.... But make no exception of the pro model of being able to pull in the clutch to allow the bike to rev higher for supercross style approches to a jump....
  3. 4shore

    Rekluse Pro

    I did not belive in the rekluse unti I got spanked off the line in a drag race by a fat guy on a 04 yz450 with a rekluse. I could not belive how well he could start off the line with no engine mods and his fat ass. He probably weighed 260+. I have a pc ti4, carb mods, cam and a 06 honda!!! He is not even a good rider, just kicks ass at the gate...
  4. 4shore

    Rekluse with perch adj. and asv pro elite

    you should because it uses all your existing parts, From what I have seen the adjuster was inline after the clutch assembly but to be 4shore call rekluse....
  5. Yep.... RG3 makes a great set but just make sure you get rubber mount with what ever manufacture you go with because this is the only reason why on 07s you would need to change them out. Less fatigue = more laps.
  6. They are realy not needed on 06 or 07 models because they adjusted it in the neck and ran with stock tripples from the factory. 02 - 05 get them. On an 07 you will notice some serious sharp turning but in fast straights your bike might get a little squirly on high speed straights. This is why desert racers might like it a little more spread out than stock. You might get away with 20s if you ride sx only....
  7. 4shore

    Riding boots

    Dont look any further SIDI is the best out of all.... Crossfires 400.00 or for the not so deep pockets the TA @260.00. I have owned sidi crossfires, sidi TA, tech 10, and sg10. I liked my TA better than the TECH10S. THERE IS TOO MUCH INTERNAL MOVEMENT IN THE A STAR AND YOU ARE MORE PRONE TO FOOT BREAKAGE AND OVERALL BULKY FEEL LIKE SKI BOOTS... SG10s are a close second....
  8. I am only talkn 4fiddy... We have won every freekn bike test, shootout, review and pissing contest known to man and come up short on snort at the real test, "the finish line."
  9. Don’t get me wrong or any thing but dose factory Honda have any wind in their sails for this next year in SX? The last person who one a title for Honda was R.C. back in 02- 03. Its been 4 years and no real hopefuls.... The only people that come close for Honda is Dare I say it "Villiman" and he is privateer!!! So he does not count. Is Honda too bloated from massive bike sales and not worried about getting the best talent to show off their bikes or are Blue, green, and yellow better "Factory works bikes?"
  10. 4shore

    06 yzf 450 help please

    Go richer on your fuel mixture screw 1/4 - 1/2 turn. Call W/B and ask what the settings should be on the carb.
  11. 4shore

    Ap Mod On A Yamaha?

    I want to know if you notice a huge difference in throttle responce like I do on the crf450? I stoped with the shorter diagphram, O ring, Quickshot and did not go for the #80 or 90 leak jet because I did not want to tarnish the rideability. Its enough like this on the 06 crf450. Is it the same for the yzfers?
  12. Has any one succesfuly done the Ap mod to a yz450f that red beard came up with for his crf450?
  13. 4shore

    Tech 10's broke my foot

    Is the first jumps face a table or a step up and what gear did you hit it? Looks like everything is bigger in Texas!! Are you trying out for the Metal Mulisha... lol
  14. 4shore

    Tech 10's broke my foot

    Word on that... The Sidi crossfire are the sweetest boots on the market!! They saved my ass a.k.a. "foot" a hand full of times. Great ankle movement but it holds tight to the calf for added weight support to the ankle. I flat landed on the back side of a table, both my ankles popped and I racked the hell out of my boys when I landed. My suspension bottomed out and I bent my front rim. Every things was intact though except for big Jim and the twins. My buds tech 10s (same foot size) felt loose all over but seemed like they could take direct hits like tree stumps or rocks ok but to loose for awkward landings. Sounds like you need to tighten your straps on the boot a bit. Look for minimal movement in the boot. A* are notorious for running big and bulky. My boot shoot out!! 1. Crossfires 2. SG10 3. A* 10 Every thing else... Don't put your foot in them if your going big.
  15. 4shore

    How do I soften the 450x suspension?

    Go out on the bottom clickers 2x then ride...