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    Getting a Title for an Old Dirt Bike

    Every state has different laws and rules about this so it can be very confusing. That said it seems getting a bonded title is becoming the easiest and most efficient way to obtain a title for a vehicle that does not have one. Contact the state office that issues titles and don't take the runaround for an answer...ask for the person's supervisor and keep working your way up until you get to the right person who knows the answers and can give you the info you need. In Illinois you are required to have the vehcle inspected by a police officer assigned to this task and then have it appraised and the bond must be for one and one half times the appraised value. I'm sure Ohio has a variation on this. It sounds complicated and like it's a hassle but be patient, it's worth it in the long run.

    What do we need to ride at South Fork dirt riders club???

    South Fork is an IDNR funded facility. Unless your home state has a reciprocal agreement with Illinois you will need to buy the IDNR State sticker. It was $11 last time I bought one...they may have gone up but I'm sure they couldn't have gone up too much. The stickers are available at South Fork.

    Springfield Mile info?

    If you enjoyed Springfield you need to go to the Peoria TT in August. The TT is the last of the club promoted events and still has the atmosphere of the hey day of pro dirt track racing...entering the PMC grounds and making that decending walk into the valley to the track is like stepping back in time 50 + years..............Springfield is a great event, Peoria is unique among great events!
  4. I didn't read all 5 pages of replies but some of the ones I caught were ridiculous...some people are living in some kind of delusion that racing motorcycles makes them some kind of super death defying dare devil...that is simply not true...here's the sobering reality: Metropolitan life Insurance Company did a study on the subject and here is what they found...The most dangerous sport Americans compete in terms of death and permanantly disabling injuries is ...FOOTBALL! All of motorsport ranked fourth on the list and that included every type of motorsport... auto, motorcycle, aircraft, snowmobile, etc. In the subset of motorsports, off road motorcycling (which includes MX but not track racing like flat track or road racing) was pretty far down the list from most other forms of racing. In the same study, Met Life found that the most dangerous hobby Americans enjoy is building and flying homebuilt aircraft which accounted for the most fatalities of all leisure activities per number of participants. On a relative scale, competing in an MX, Hare scrambles, Hare & Hound, enduro, or Cross country run is statistically much safer than playing tackle football on your High School team! This doesn't mean there is no danger, just less.

    Carb slide modification

    If the part is available, buy it. You'll never come close to accomplishing what you need to do with a file or a dremel or anything short of a Bridgeport Mill and an experienced machininst. The time you end up saving will be worth much more than the cost! Also...are you sure you can't cure the rich condition with some jetting changes and air fuel screw adjustments?

    Villapoto podium speech

    Let me see if I understand this...Ryan Villipoto's remarks about riding smart and fast after winning a race that James Stewart threw away with careless riding are an issue with JS fans because JS was running faster laps BEFORE he threw it away. Is that about it? My friends, Villipoto is the future of Supercross. The difference between him and James Stewart is the difference that has plagued James' whole career...He (RV) rides in control and doesn't get rattled when someone is breathing down his neck...JS has had this problem of allowing others to rattle him from the beginning...RC could get him to crash just by being on the same track. Great riders aren't made by turning the fastest lap times until they crash...great riders are those that capitalize on the mistakes of others and are around at the finish to take the checkered flag!

    Wa Da Buc!!! Letting Bubba get back on his bike!

    I agree with the OP...When he fell trying to get back on his bike that should have been it. The trackside personell who let him back in the race need more training in how to evaluate someone track side. That wasn't just a tumble or slide out in a turn, that crash was a miss the jump, over the bars, land on his head major get off. It is the kind of accident that has put other riders in wheelchairs. It should have been mandatory for him to be checked out. What were they thinking? He could have had a major injury to his cervicle spine and getting back in the race could have cost him everything, not to mention what it could have cost other riders on the track. We may never know the full extent of Bubba's injury now because it's out of the officials hands but don't be surprised if he misses a round or two. Maybe even the rest of the season...Hopefully not, but it's possible...Hopefully his team and those who advise him are making sure he's getting good medical advice and adhering to it!

    Will fuel prices affect you racing plans?

    Fuel taxes are not based on a percentage of the price of fuel. They are a set amount. As a nmatter of fact when fuel prices rise and sales go down because people drive less, fuel tax revenues go down, not up. Government doe not benefit when prices go up.

    Will fuel prices affect you racing plans?

    You obviouisly don't have a clue as to how it all works. How in the hell is the government going to stop fuel from going over $5 a gallon if market forces dictate that they must? AND... all of you who think we should just suck it up...Do you think fuel price increases only affect the price at the pump? EVERYTHING GOES UP...food, tires, anything made of plastic, synthetic materials for clothing, the cost of electricity, and it drives up heating oil and natural gas and absolutely EVERY aspect of our economy. As your ability to afford the essentials in life deteriorates you will get a very rude awakening on how the necessities of life will take priority and all the bravado of " I'll pay it because nothing's going to stop ME from racing" will go out the window so you can eat and have heat or air conditioning. THEN the idea of coming up with economical ways to travel and still compete in motorcycle racing won't seem like "chicken little crying that the sky is falling" I assure you!

    Will fuel prices affect you racing plans?

    The man a few posts back hit the nail on the head. No animosity intended but the fact is the extra cost of fuel in your country is pretty much what pays for your national healthcare. (Hopefully more Americans will begin to realize this and add their voice to calling for a repeal of nationalizing our healthcare!) The situation is the same in the UK. Their fuel prices are the equivilent of $7+ and rising for the same reasons they are rising here in North America. Available crude on the world market is going up because oil from Libya has almost come to a halt. This is going to be bad for all of motorsport and the reason I started this thread was to find and share ideas to minimize the effect of the higher fuel costs on racing.
  11. Recent happenings around the world and shifts in oil drilling policy here combined with many other forces have the experts predicting some very expensive gasoline and diesel prices by late Spring and even higher prices by late Summer. Some are saying that $5 a gallon could be the norm by Memorial day and $7 a gallon could be seen by Labor Day. Along with the added expense of traveling, this will drive the price of everything up as well, making the cost of racing skyrocket. Do you have any plans to deal with the predicted rising costs of competing? What are those plans and strategies to deal with rising costs? What ideas do you have? Will you stay local? Will you limit travel compared to previous years? Will you employ cost saving measures that you didn't before? Will sharp increases in the price of fuel, gear, tires etc. price you out of racing? Will you quit racing? This is an important discussion. By thinking collectively we might be able to save the sport(s) (all of motorsport) we love from extinction and help keep some of our friends from having to leave the sport.

    old open face helmets

    I think that's a personal thing...I have always preferred open face helmets both on and off road and still wear them where I can and when appropriate and I find little difference in how my Bell RT & Magnum felt in 1975 and my current Shoei feels today. True, the inner styrene shell is a bit thicker and the lining is more plush, but it's actually lighter and that only improves the feel to me...AND...my 2007 Shoei is vented so it's much cooler! There comes a time when you have to accept progress as a good thing and be safe!

    Bultaco experts??

    You know, Jim...You got me here. Your Bultaco is obviously equipped with an Amal Mark 2 concentric and does not have a tickler. My post was referring to a Mark 1 which is a very different carb, indeed. Most Bul's I've dealt with were older than yours and had the Mark 1. That's why I didn't think of or consider the Mark 2 when I responded. All of my experience with Amals is with monoblocks and Mk 1 concentrics...Like I said, neither is a bad carb if well cared for and kept clean and true. Check out www.amalcarb.co.uk. They should be able to help you get the carb sorted...If not, going to a Mikuni will work. Either way...Good luck.

    old open face helmets

    It's OK to race with an open face helmet in vintage events (if the sanctioing body allows you to...some don't) but...DON'T use an old helmet, even if it's been refurbished. You will be compromising your safety! Several manufacturers are still making open face helmets that are made to modern standards and offer state fo the art protection. Combined with a Jofa or a face mask you'll get the look you want without taking an unnecessary risk. Rule of thumb...if a helmet is more than 5 years old...replace it! Shells and liners deteriorate and lose their ability to do the job of protecting your noggin!

    Bultaco experts??

    Someone post a picture of the "tickler" on an Amal carb for him, please (I don't have a scanner) ...there is no way the carb doesn't have a tickler unless it's incomplete. The drill with putting the bike in gear etc. does what the tickler will do for you...flood the carb with extra fuel to make cold starting EZ. The tickler basically does what a choke does on a Mikuni. Check to make sure that the carb is not overtightened on its flange causing it to distort and leak air into the intake. This can be fixed by lapping the carb body flange on a true flat surface on some extra fine emery paper. Take it from an old Brit bike guy...Amal carbs are not so bad. You just have to learn how to overcome the problems that come with age...Check out the Victory library for Amal tuning info and Lund Machine for making an old Amal like new. They're just as good as Mikunis when you know how to deal with them.