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  1. scrambling280

    350 Cooling system and overheating question

    My 2012 350xcf runs at 225 -230 deg F and that was from a temp sticker on the left radiator. It has engine ICE coolant and the Crt bottle but that is still way to hot. It does not boil over at that temperature. I will do more testing with an infared gun. I tgink the left Radiator might be the wrong place to gauge actual heat. I might do header wrap as well. These bikes simply do not flow enough air. The gas tanks blocks all hot air from escaping. Imho.
  2. scrambling280

    KTM 350 XCF, is it a great bike ?

    I recently bought a 2012 350 XCF and Love it. I race Cross Country here in the Midsouth and for years was on a built crf250x that had a good motor. But the XCF is better suited for me and the speed I ride. That being said all of the complaints I have noticed here do hold some truth. It does not have a heavy flywheel and can stall, however If your coming off a MX bike for trail use you wont notice anything. If your coming of a bike that was a W model you will complain and probably should have got the 350XCF-W. That bike is great as well, on mine I beefed up the coolant system some and will probably change FI maps. The Suspension is great for me 175lb and can be softened up enough for single track trial riding and then stiffen up the rebound and go to the MX track occasionally... All with the E button and 45hp on tap. What more could you ask for? This is my first KTM and I am really glad I waited for this model.
  3. scrambling280

    100+ hours with valves still in spec?

    Mine Lasted 100hrs and now the need to be reshimmed but I will problably just out steel ones in there now.
  4. scrambling280

    Cannot climb 250x

    Motorcycles are 80% rider 20% bike = Results.. You said your friend had been riding all summer... there is your answer. KTM, CRF bla bla bla Learning to ride is the key!
  5. scrambling280

    Is anyone using the Leo Vince exhausts on their 250X?

    dubach racing development is the only way to go on a stock cam and head. great fit and finish
  6. scrambling280

    I just dont' get it...

    Most of the valve problems, are due to valves floating at high Rpm. Because the crap stock valve springs fatigue FAST.. I replaced everything at 46hrs But bought crower intake springs . Much higher quality 50 bucks a set. Ktm stock valve springs are around that much. Oem honda, 8 bucks a piece sound like good springs ?? I now have 108 hrs they have not moved. ALL hours were racing harescrambles, b rider. I really abuse this bike and Couldn't ask for a sweeter ride
  7. scrambling280

    Real World Expereince W/ Ron Hamp's Valves

    It has alot to do with the springs. The stock ones are junk, the valve floats and the ti face wear out fast its that simple. There were some quality control issues on the coatings on the 04 models. The springs wear because of heat, the right intake is always the one to go, its on the hot side of the motor and is close to the exhaust. just my opinion
  8. scrambling280

    How are the valves on 07 CRF250X?

    dont even reshim it will last one ride save your money and buy the new valves
  9. scrambling280

    New 250X things to know!

    go buy some high quality intake valve springs and replace the stock ones within the first 20 hours of riding you will never have any valve probelms. buy a jd jetting kit open up the airbox and leave everthing else alone except maybe a Q2 or similar muffler. enjoy and i bet you will never want any other bike again
  10. scrambling280

    jetting after motor mods

    I just completed my new top end and valve job was a stock 06 250x with all ccc + DRD exhaust.. Now It has a 13.5-1 piston,07 R model head , 04 R cam. The jetting was 155 main, stock needle 5 clip, and a 45 pilot. that worked well on the stock motor and DRD exhaust. Doesn't seem so well now Gona try a 160 main but the throttle response at low rpm is sluggish.... should I try a 42 pilot ??? maybe the 45 is too rich with that cam ??? I had hoped for a little better bottom end.. Any input????? what should I do??? diff needle??
  11. scrambling280

    Engine Combo ????

    I have just purchased an 07 r model head, an 04 r model cam, and a wiseco 12.9-1 piston. To put in my 250X with a X model head gasket so compression should be around 13.1-1. I also have Dr.d pipe on the bike. Will this work well?? and currently using a stock needle and a 160 main should I try something Diff????
  12. scrambling280

    best springs with stock Vavles?

    what springs should I use with new stock valves, I want something better than the stock ones.. What do you have and like and dislike about them
  13. scrambling280

    valve springs which ones?

    I am replacing the valves and everything in my 06 but I want better intake springs. Who should I go with I would like to keep the stock retainers and locks. I am going back with stock valves. anybody tried crower springs??? Exceledyne??? I called RHC but thier kit is 200$ don't have that kind of money...... Does he sell Just intake springs?
  14. scrambling280

    Needle settings

    your to rich. that makes the midrange have less snap. Take the snorkel out and cut what you can of the airbox with it in the bike. Then test it. you may want to modify the exhaust baffle.
  15. scrambling280

    Need some honest opinions!

    I live close to you I ride a 06 250x coming off a xr280 My dad has a 450x coming off a xr600. we race Mid South hare scrambles I dolike the 450x and have raced it. I had alot of time on his 600 and love it also. 9 national offroad titles says something for that machine. But the 450x stock will out run a xr600. the 450 only makes a little more peak power butt reves so much quicker than the XR.Not something needed where we ride. I was more comfortable on the 600 but it weighed more 20lb more. the 250x is a great bike butt you will miss the big bore. just get as much riding time in on both before you buy...... Stroker is right a 325x or 350 in a 225lb package would be the ultimate weapon and the 302 stroker kit 3000$ i will never have............