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  1. kdub871

    anyone bean to longview mx laitly?

    The sand track is almost always great.
  2. kdub871

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    If anyone wants to ride longview or salem shoot me a message.
  3. kdub871

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    I hadn't thought about it too much. I think that may one of the only spots open, besides Salem. I am just hoping to get the bike out before I get all wrapped up in school again.
  4. kdub871

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    Is anyone track riding this weekend?
  5. kdub871

    KTM Demo at Mt View MX (OR) Sept 13-14

    Anybody have an extra spot for a ride to this. Car is at the shop this weekend, and I wanted to try out the 250 xc. I am in downtown Portland.
  6. kdub871

    Crazy Acres?

    How do you get there, is there any contact info, and is it open tomorrow?
  7. kdub871

    No Title question...

    You may want to be careful. I purchased a cheap bike at a garage sale one time. When I took it to get the title, they said the bike was stolen 10 years ago. They confiscated it.
  8. kdub871

    would you support this track?

    I hate to be the negative one. I like hindsight and do ride there, but it is to small. That place would be so much better and probably more profitable if it was bigger. I would think that if the place was large enough to have real races it would attract more people. What about having the facility as a non profit. It may clear enough overhead to create a larger facility. It seems to me that an indoor track needs to be attached to a dealer for it to really make since. That way it is at least an advertisement for the dealer, and profits can be seen through increased sales. I know I was bothered by the fact that Bob closed rmc. It is to bad Bob wanted that place to be a direct revenue raiser. Anyways, good luck.
  9. kdub871

    Throttle sticking...but not

    If it is not in the linkages, slide, or pivot points, cables, you have an air leak.
  10. Diesel and ATF mix, in the oil. Run it about 30 seconds and drain. No more water. Works great on boats, cars, etc.
  11. kdub871

    Straddleline ORV. How is it?

    I used to ride there 5+ years ago. Any different? How is it, I was looking into going there Monday. Any one have pics that show the layout, jumps?
  12. Never done or seen this race before, and moved just moved to the area. What would a person who usually runs either junior/rarely amateur in grand prix’s or desert races, run up here in Washington (riding a yz250F). Also what kind of top speeds are going to be attained? I have 14-46 if I need it, but don’t want to go too tall. Any Practice? What’s the inner moto track like that they run; is it do or die, or forgiving for those of us who never rode there? How much time on the track for the long course/miles per loop?