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    Riding my DRZ450S like I stole it
  1. 450WHORIDER

    Bigest Street Tire

    What is the bigest street tire that can fit on a stock 03 DRZ400S front @ rear rim with out rubbing or mods. For better performance untell I have the money to buy sm wheels
  2. 450WHORIDER

    DRZ will run no more?????

    On my 03 DRZ 450S the stator went south backfired and stoped runing and had to push it to my friends house after replacement it ran perfect . I also had a problem not starting due to a bad battrie it would fire off but it would not stay runing. Hear are some resistance checks. the primary and secondary coil check primary resistance between groundand the spayed connector on coil it should be .1 to 1.0 ohms. check secondary reisitance between spayed and the plug wire it should be 12 to 20k ohms. The pickup coil and signal coil resistance are blue to green 390 to 600 ohms black to white .05 to .2 ohms.
  3. 450WHORIDER

    03 DRZ 450 no inturnal cumbustion

    first time on thumpertalk my DRZ450 will not run same DRZ as whorider is talking about it has comperesion max 150 psi @ 125 psi @ 5 pufs out the pipe it has spark could I have a broken wire in the harnes or somthing of that nature please help going riding in two weeks