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  1. It's like metcalf. They would most likely end up buying this land if it hadent been owned by pratt & whitney corp. As you were saying above enviromentally, everything is going to be a pain in the rear to get O.k.'ed. Just wait it out. heres a question: Anyone know whats gonna happen with clear creek? Matt
  2. when you find one... let me know. i live in east san jose/los gatos. Matt
  3. Safer?... I heard that place is a death trap. Matt
  4. Peanut butter bro, works every darn time. Matt
  5. or peanut butter... Matt
  6. Availability maybe, but who knows, connections always end up somewhere good. Matt
  7. ^ | not only did it go blue after purple but there have been two shades of blue. but of course, the "retro" has been the best matt
  8. well, we just have a load of hollister guys in here huh? metcalf is my hometown track so i go there about twice a week considering im on a crf100 so its alright. I was gonna go to practice at the fairground for tt racing in the spring but i forgot we got a new car and it doesnt have a hitch yet. bummerr :-( Matt