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  1. bajawtb

    BAJA 500 WIKILEAK- New Sections for 2013

    I REALLY hope they don't this - there will be a serious uproar from the sportsman bikes if this happens. Number of sportsman bikes is already pretty low this year. Personally, I'll be done with SCORE if this happens. We've spent a lot of time and money getting ready for this race. Roger better be prepared to offer full refunds - really crappy thing to do 2 weeks before the start, and after he has our money. If they were going to do this they should have communicated it up front so you can make choice. Out of all the options they have to address the truck/bike mix up issue this is by far the worst of all of them. Really hope this is a false rumor, but I've heard it from a couple of sources now.....really disappointed.
  2. bajawtb

    2012 Baja 1K - Ironman Roll Call

    Good luck to all the solo bike riders this year (and everyone else for that matter). Take care of your chase teams, have a plan, and let's all get home safe so we can tell lies, errr stories about how we did. This is going to be a nasty one, especially for the solo bikes. I've only been racing the 1k since 2007 but this is toughest course I've seen in my short time doing this. Good luck! Carl Javelina Racing #281x
  3. bajawtb

    2012 Baja 1K - Course Questions

    Ok, now that the course is out it's time to get some good intel. I will be solo'ing this year and will have limited pre-runnning. I would really appreciate any info that others can share. I ran the 2010 course so I'm interested in the differences. Here are my initial questions. 1. RM 550 to 600 (Vizcaino to San Ingnacio): What does this new section look like? Is it a road, a silt bed, a whooped out trail. I have not ridden on that side of the hwy. The other side gets silty in that area. 2. San Felipe (Borrego to SF). It "looks" like we may be coming down the whooped out Powerline Road vs. the lake bed...can anyone confirm? I'm sure there will be many more questions. Thanks again for any feedback. Thanks, Carl
  4. bajawtb

    2012 Baja 1K - Ironman Roll Call

    Holy hijacked thread Batman. I was hoping to get some good discussion going about solo'ing like we had in 2010 - lots of helpful informaiton being exchanged. While my heart bleeds for Mexihonkey I guess we can officially call this thread dead.
  5. bajawtb

    JCR - THR - KTM: Who will ride off with the 1x plate?

    JCR's experience edge is not as big as it use to be. -(THR) - Robby Bell & Steve H. have TONsof JCR knowlege/experience. -(KTM) - Purchased some good JCR knowledge by signing Quinn Cody. KTM's pit support has be been questionable at times but with this being a real factory effort I would hope they don't have any issues. -JCR) - Still has Colton U. and Tim W. and JC himself plus a huge edge on support experience - which may prove to be the key. It appears that the course will be every similar to the 2010 course so I think JCR will have an slight edge in terms of familiarization but it will come to down to mistakes and maybe pit strategy. I am a huge fan of KTM and would love to see them pull it off, but I think if all three teams run a mistake free race the edge goes to JCR (but just barely).
  6. bajawtb

    2012 Baja 1K - Ironman Roll Call

    @Chilly ....PLEASE. You know KTM will give you any bike you want - full factory pit support and anything else you need. You could ride along side me (if you can ride that slow) and blog about it - . It could be one of those - "Don't let this be you" type stories. NBC and all the others always cover the big names with all the support - it would nice to see someone cover a scrub like me with a couple support guys and a van.
  7. bajawtb

    2012 Baja 1K - Ironman Roll Call

    Ok we are well inside the planning window so who's solo'ing this year? -I'm ready for my rematch with the Baja 1K. In 2010 I burned up my clutch at RM620 just 5 miles past the Baja Pit and could not link up with my chase in time and had to shut it down (long story). -I'm running a new KTM 2012 450 XC-W with FI (yeah I know) but the testing has gone well and I'm getting fired up. -Anyone have some good course map intel yet? My pre-running will be limited at best so I can't wait to start hearing all the prerun updates from PAB and others. If you read between the lines on the pre-running notes from SCORE it looks like we are going through SF again - bummer. I was really hoping for somehting like the 2007 course - I'm really done with the whole SF thing - oh well. -In 2010 we had some good information sharing going so I hope this thread will spawn some helpful conversation. Good luck to everyone as we prepare - See you in Ensenada! Carl Javelina Racing 2010 - 259x 2012 - ???x
  8. bajawtb

    Trail Tech Voyager GPS in Baja

    I am considering running one of those new Trail Tech Voyager GPS devices in Baja Next season. Did anyone run this at the 1K this year - how was the GPS and Speedo functionality - how about durability?
  9. bajawtb

    2011 ktm running badly

    This is definitly a jetting issue. I am not a jetting expert so I would recommend you contact JD at JD Jet kits, tell him your make/model and provide some general information ie. elevation and he will give you the spot on settings. You have gone from sea level to a significant altitude so the air is thinner, thus you need to reduce the amount of fuel. The bike is bogging because it's getting too much fuel relative to air. Since you moved from LA to Big Bear you need to lean the bike out a little. The first thing you can try is dropping the needle by raising the clip 1 or 2 positions and then change the main jet to smaller one ( I would drop 2 sizes). You should also pull the FMF can off and make and use some of the HI-Temp copper gasket sealer on that fitting. This will help the with the popping. Again JD will give you the jetting specifics.
  10. bajawtb

    TXC 310 or KTM 350 XC-F

    It appears that based on the product info I have that the TXC 310 will ship with the Mikuni D45 EFI system which I think is new... I'm a little suprised they didn't go with the Keihin EFI since they seem to be moving that way with the other models. Will the JD EFI tuner work with the D45?
  11. bajawtb

    TXC 310 or KTM 350 XC-F

    Thanks for the feedback, keep it comming. I have been looking at the setup that FAR Husqvarna has been using for GNCC. I hope some of those cool parts will fit on the TXC 310. My dealer is telling me that there is no tuning kit available for the EFI...kind of bummer. For the record I am comparing the TXC 310 to the KTM 350 XC-F not the XC-W. The XC-W has the wider ratios and is generally a little less aggressive the XC-F. I like the hit and the low-end torque that you get from the XC-F bikes. When I ride bikes other than KTM I really miss that bottom end torque that you get. I'm a lugger not a rev'r. Does Husky deliver that torque? I can't wait to actually ride it.
  12. bajawtb

    TXC 310 or KTM 350 XC-F

    Thanks. My local dealer has a demo TXC 310 on the way so I should get demo the 350 and the 310 side by side.
  13. bajawtb

    TXC 310 or KTM 350 XC-F

    I am seriously considering buying a TXC 310 vs. the KTM 350 XC-F but I would like some thoughts from the Husky crowd on this. I have been a KTM rider for the last few years (40 Intermediate). I currently ride a 2008 KTM 450 XC-F which is a very aggressive bike, and more bike than I need. The bike would be used mostly for GP's, enduros, and desert Hare Scrambles. I have never owned a Husky so I know very little but they seem to be serious about getting back into the game. I am a little concerned about parts parts availability both OEM and aftermarket. What about reliability? Both my KTMs have been super reliable and a pleasure to own. I can save a significant amount of money on the initial purchase vs. the KTM, plus as I said I am excited about the direction Husky is moving with the TXC 310. I would appreciate any thoughts or feedback. Regards.
  14. bajawtb

    KTM in Baja - Chilly?

    It sure seems like the 500 XC-W is the way to go. They can leverage lot of lessons learned from last year regarding bike setup, plus it's basically the same motor they ran in Dakar and other Rally events this year. I just don't see the 450 SX-F being an advantage for that long of a race. KTM proved in 2007 that there are a lot of advanatages to running a bigger bore bike for these longer distances. Had it not been for some bad luck they would have won in 2007, and maybe last also. The 500 XC-W is solid and a proven commodity. Would love to see Ivan, Kurt, with special guest star (David Pearson) win it. They have the talent and the bike KTM just needs to decide that they want to win it and make the commitment.
  15. bajawtb

    KTM in Baja - Chilly?

    Chilly, Any update to this story: http://www.enduro360.com/2011/03/22/featured/ktm-450rr-comes-to-the-us-to-prepare-for-baja/ It would be really cool to see them race this bike down there this year. If KTM has a Factory Effort for the 1K this year it's the best kept secret in off-road racing