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  1. david33mason

    2013 Plastics

    In Europe there is also X-Fun from Italy I think, not sure if they are available in the USA!!
  2. david33mason

    Someone did a little photoshop

    I put an RM250 motor in an Alu frame in 2008, still ride it today, great bike, look in my garage:)
  3. david33mason

    Bored TB

    I have heard that if you use the direct bolt on KTM 450 tb you get 2hp but I don't know what the difference is!!
  4. david33mason

    Magura Hydro clutch

    I have one on my 2014 RMZ450 and love it:)
  5. david33mason

    15t front sprocket

    I have a one but I think it is from my 05 or 07 bike, you will probably have to remove the aluminium case saver so beware:)
  6. david33mason

    2017 rmz450 same or new?

    Not sure, my heart is still with Suzuki but I think they must have been working on something new since 2008 that they could share with us all instead of small crumbs and BNG. I personally would like to see a mapable ignition, an electric start, springs back in the forks along with 10~15 pounds less to lug around, not too much to ask is it? I would be broken hearted to see an 18 if it is the new bike they promise after I have switched allegiance and laid down some hard earned cash on another inferior brand!!
  7. david33mason

    2017 rmz450 same or new?

    I agree, I have been on yellow since 1987 (with two bad years on red four poppers 02 and 03) and I have amassed a amount of spares in that time for my 450 and my 250 AF but I feel I may go Husky (my first race bike in 86) I'm sick of waiting!!!!!!!!!
  8. david33mason

    2015 radiator hose conversion on 2014

    Samco hoses have the T moulded in to the hose which also removes some clips and joints.
  9. david33mason

    2017 rmz450 same or new?

    Honda seem to be going back to springs so you never know:)
  10. david33mason

    rmz 450 shuts off help

    Turn up the idle just a little to help with the flame out issue
  11. david33mason

    2007 RMZ 450 Exhaust header

    The 07 was an oddball year where there were a lot of changes to the bike over the 05/06 in preparation for the FI bikes. the header is 100mm longer than the 05/06 model (I know because I slipped off mine on the first outing in the ice and bent it!) you can use the older model headers with a very slight performance hit but for your problem I would take your muffler with you to the shop and make sure that the two fit together. the diameters of the headers should be the same but you never know.
  12. david33mason

    Leo Vince x3 full ti exhaust

    I ran one on my 05 and used it again on my 07 and did have to rejet it to allow a bit more fuel in (I think) not a big job though just go up in small increments on the main jet and you will feel the difference in power delivery.
  13. david33mason

    Factory Rear Brake Pedal Adjuster

    Russ, I too have looked at these height adjusters and think they are a pretty cool mod for a small amount of modification, my only comment would be that I think you would have to use something stronger than aluminium for the main body of the pin, I would say titanium would be better as that is what it looks like Geboers Suzuki have used on theirs along with Ti nuts and bolts, is this possible? I would certainly be interested in one if you make them.
  14. david33mason

    So what part of the world do you RMZ450 riders live?

    Newcastle upon Tyne in the north east of England but can be found in southern California occasionally
  15. david33mason

    FunnelWeb Performance Air Filter

    Really like the design, quality, fit and feel of the filter but I still was and oil mine before every ride, I have used it for over a year now with no complaints