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    Post your Chinese D/S Parts & Mods Here

    Well I put an "Entertainment System" on my JetMoto. However, I couldn't figure out how to ride and watch TV at the same time, so I took it back off.
  2. Amazing, I would've figured that getting a JetMoto plated in California would be a hopeless effort. JetMoto advertises it as having "Green Sticker", but mine doesn't actually have a green sticker on it. Congrats! Be careful on the streets, now that your plated.
  3. Pullin', I think we've already determined we have the same engine (169FML). However, I don't have the dampeners on the Jetmoto. I would assume the difference in sound with/without "anti-singing inertia dampeners" would be like this link: YoMama, but mine sounds more like a thumper.
  4. Karlznet, Thanks for your input I followed these steps, and brake lever is just where I like it without any drag. It was the upper clevis, that I had not removed the pin from to make the adjustment. I made a major mistake on reinstalling the cotter pin. I bent the ends in the same direction instead of spreading them in opposite directions. So after a test run, which became extended cause I was having fun practicing wheelies and table-top jumps, the cotter-pin must've wiggled its way out and I lost the clevis pin. Currently have a bent nail running through there until replacement pin arrives from JetMoto.
  5. ColoRocky

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Actually I should just stop offering advice. I'm not that experienced with carb adjustments. However, it does sound like the choke may not be choking. Does the choke work? Since I was lacking the proper tools, I used a paper-clip to adjust that Fuel/Air mixture screw. I think it's about two full turns out, but I'm at 6,000' altitude so I wouldn't use my measurements. I'd contact Roketa or their support forum, and then share any feedback on the quality of their support.
  6. ColoRocky

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Nice bikes, looks like you have easy access to the carb even with the plastics put on. My Jetmoto started up pretty easy on FirstFire, but didn't idle well at all. I mistakenly kept turning the idle screw counter-clockwise to increase idle. Once I rotated the idle screw in this photo (labled "1") clockwise all the way in, then backed it out one full turn, it idled close enough for some minor adjustments. That Apollo Monster looks awesome. Inverted forks, Front/Rear Disc with wave rotors! The youngin looks like he's from that Yamaha commercial saying "I just wanna ride". Is it electric start?
  7. Looks like the JetMoto web page needs correction. According to the owners manual that came with my 200cc JetMoto: Cylinder Bore x Stroke: 63.5 x 62.2mm Compression Ratio: 9.2:1 Displacement of Cylinder: 196.9 Torque Max: 14N - M+/- 10% 6500rpm Also seat height is listed at 35 inches, but I measured it at 33 inches Horsepower according to manual is: 11kW = 14.75 hp
  8. ColoRocky

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Thunga, I've been hoping you would post some updates on the DB05 and even better post some photos. Here's a few questions: Where did you buy these? What is the seat height at the lowest point? Have you started them up yet? What are your likes/dislikes on the bike?
  9. For those who don't care for the looks of the JetMoto, here's my latest mod:
  10. ColoRocky

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    I've also had my eye on that model. Looks like a DB06, not a DB07 that Pullin' and I have. I like the lines and sculpted look. I don't know anything about the ebayer though. Do your homework, call them and test their phone support and service. The bike looks like this Roketa model RKM200E6: http://www.roketa.com/htm/dirt-bikes/index.htm this Roketa site has a good forum which says the DB05 and DB06 have EPA and DOT stickers on them. Also some good manuals for assembly and parts... Since your itching in Vegas, you might want to check out Venom motors located over there. http://www.venommotors.com/ Looks like they only sell the dirt bike version, non-streetable, but you could get a feel for the bike, quality, and fit.
  11. I think my fear was ordering one off ebay and wondering if it would actually arrive, have all the parts, or even startup. Eric's post here, helped me make that leap of faith. I found the experience enlightening and hearing the bike's first startup was a thrill. I'm very satisfied with the quality of the JetMoto and wouldn't hesitate to buy another one. However, you might check what others are using in the sand for tires. HondaMaint might be able to give us info on his Yamaha TW200's ridability in sand, since it has these really "Fat" tires, it may perform pretty good. I would think the dual-sport "DOT" stamped "6PR" tires on the JetMoto would wander quite allot in the softer deep sands.
  12. HELP: Rear Brake Pedal Adjustment I know this ain't rocket science, but I haven't figured this Brake Valve Adjuster Nut/Bolt out yet. In this photo of the Brake pedal, I have the pedal adjusted too high. Yet on the Brake Valve Adjuster Nut/Bolt, I haven't figured out how to adjust the embedded bolt to later allow lowering the brake pedal. Anyone have a recommended procedure for the rear brake adjustment?
  13. DMV Update: Tagged in Colorado It was 7 degrees below zero this morning, so the lines were short at the DMV. I went to the same lady who was very thorough before and she scrutinized the paperwork again, said everything was in order and processed the Tag, Title, Registration, and Taxes. $107.75 later and I walked out the door with a plate. Only problem I have now is the plate reads "MRS". I asked her for any other plate and they all ended with "MRS". I could've waited a couple of weeks or more and got another plate. Don't know why I'm sweating this, but I just don't like "MRS" (Misses) on my bike. Due to the unusually cold weather here, it'll be a few days before I want to ride again. It is good to finally get the plate though. ColoRocky
  14. I would be crestfallen if unable to get my bike tagged. Since my first "Certificate of Origin for a Vehicle" (MSO) said "Motorcycle Kit", the DMV wanted a Certified VIN Verification from the State Patrol. So I got a temp tag, made an appointment and showed up a week later for VIN verification. The State Patrol guys were confused as to why I needed a VIN verification, they checked the VIN, liked the bike, got info on JetMoto so they could buy one, and wrote on the verification form "Complete Manufacturers Motorcycle". Which meant it is not a kit, by their standards of frame and engine shipped separately. I was dreading the "Special Construction" route of getting it tagged and titled, so I had asked and received a new MSO from JetMoto that did not have the word "Kit" on it. So yesterday, I got back to the Colorado DMV, and was very close to getting a plate. Since the State Patrol says it is not a kit, I don't need to go through the process of getting a special construction title. However, the MSO had the year as 2005 and the 10th digit of the VIN is a "6" which identifies it as a 2006. DMV says these need to match and I can get a plate. JetMoto is sending me another MSO, and I anticipate getting a Colorado plate next week. It is very disconcerting to purchase a dirt/street bike and not know if you are able to get it licensed for the street. I checked the CO DMV rules and asked questions before purchase. It seemed to me that you can get Colorado tags either through normal route or the special construction route. Pullin was able to get his Yamoto tagged in VA, and another one was tagged in TX. Reading other threads here on TT, California sounds like a difficult state to get many dual-sports tagged. Anyone get plates for a china bike in CA? Eric, how is your NC DMV process going?
  15. Looks like the JetMoto web page needs correction. According to the owners manual that came with my 200cc JetMoto: Cylinder Bore x Stroke: 63.5 x 62.2mm Compression Ratio: 9.2:1 Displacement of Cylinder: 196.9 Torque Max: 14N - M+/- 10% 6500rpm Also seat height is listed at 35 inches, but I measured it at 33 inches. I commend you for your checking the numbers, you're doing your homework ColoRocky