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  1. hey everyone around a month ago i bought a new 08 rm 250 and a hole in the crank case has developed right were the two cases join neer the gasket now i havent been through rocks crashed etc and it apears to have cracked away from the inside and yet suzuki dealer says there is nothing they can do the bike is very well service has has 3.5 hours on it Any advice?
  2. stud

    white plastics

    hi guys i'm tryin to find white front and rear guards for my 08 rm 250 just wonderin if anyones knows who makes them
  3. stud

    biggest motor in xr200 frame?

    small block chev???
  4. Hi guys i was hoping someone might have a wiring diagram for a 1980 ke 125 i'm playing with and possibly some advice on timing and points as i have not had much luch getting spark and there is wiring everywhere thanks guys cheers nick
  5. stud

    FMX Bike Setup

    me and a couple of mates have got a ramp aat my place probably the first thing i would reccomend would be to get suspension set up if your doing anything big after that we all have got oversized footpegs which really makes a difference the taller bars for a bit more room but it really depends on the rider and what hes tryin to do as to cutting guard and airbox etc
  6. well at 15 mines pretty self explanitory haha if only
  7. stud

    CRF150R As Powerful as CRF250R

    Quote: Originally Posted by 07 CRF250R yeah i thought it was a load of shit, i mean why call it a 250 if a 150 has more power! mick34-because its a 250cc, cubic inch meaning size of the motor not power size lol shit i thought cc meant cubic centermeter lol
  8. hi guys i have a 1984 nissan patrol (i don't no if u get them in US look on google) and i'm starting to fix it up for a bit of fun and i'm wondering about lifting it 2 or 3 inches by extending the shackles on the leaf spings and was wondering if i'll need new shockies because i'm reasonabling sure they will extend the extra length for the extended shackles. cheers nick p.s i have lifted a 4x4 before i have just always replaced shocks at the same time.
  9. just wondering if anyone has had or got pics of any of theses bikes and how they liked them? i've got a 1995 wr 200 with protapers,fmf fatty+shorty, racetech revalve and resping, ported and polished head and lightened flywheel so anyway i'm sure someone must have had a wr 250/200/125? ps. i'll post up pic as soon as i figure it out
  10. stud

    Renewing my Factory Fatty?

    i have a fatty on my wr (2stroke) and it did the same thing i bead blasted it at work and looks like new aside from the usaul dings and dents
  11. brt 426 where in oz are you ?? if in in qld would u consider selling me the manual thanks nick
  12. stud

    riding in sand??

    thanks guys yer we've got 2 kegs so i'm not sure how much ridin we'll get done but it should be fun we're ridin about 60 kms (i'm not sure of miles) of tight 4wheel drive tracks and a bit of beach right near the great barrier reaf i'll try and get some pics
  13. stud

    riding in sand??

    hey everyone me and a couple guys from work and school are going ridin on a island in 2 weeks and i was just wonderin what u would recomend i should do to my bike before i go (to prevent rust etc) i'm thinkin regrease and strip down and spray bike with wd40 or similar to prevent rust . by the way its a wr 200 not that i think it makes too much difference but i thought i'd say:ride:
  14. stud

    My new track

    nice track man u live in queensland?
  15. stud

    yzf400 what to get

    yer i don't reckon you would have any problems anyway all the 4st yamahas are pretyy reliable.... up here the new 07 white limited edition is around 11grand and my neighbours got an 06 for just under 9 (still new) thats just from my local shop u could probably get a better price if you shopped around though .....hey isn't tamworth were that country music festival thing is lol =)