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  1. moombaz

    Carb problem??

    yup.. i leave it on. but before wasnt a problem.. anw im gg to get it checked ltr.. tanx alot
  2. moombaz

    Carb problem??

    There my carb goes again... dis morning itz leaking quite alot. BUT to my surprise and confusion, itz only leaks when the bike is park overnite. ydae after werk b4 i rode home i checked my carb, itz leaks only a little and when im riding, itz not leaking. n btw, itz a 97' xr400
  3. moombaz

    Carb problem??

    itz not from d overflow line. i dunno how to describe coz i dunno where exactly itz leaking from. itz like my whole carb is wet til it drips. a reconized local mech did the overhaul. anw, before he overhauled my top block, my carb seems to have a little leak. only today i found out itz worst. 2ndly, whats with my bike bogging? carb related too?
  4. moombaz

    Carb problem??

    it has been 1 mth my bike bog despite a top overhaul of my jammed valve. I dunno watz the problem but i suspected my carb. then today, i juz realise petrol leaking from my carb. so to sum it all, my bike bog/cough and my carb leaks. what's the problem?
  5. moombaz

    can xr400 do it?

    i've heard so many ppl said xr cant take big jumps. is that true? I'v never seen any XR400 riding on an mx track wit big jumps or sx track. y is tt so? most ppl said itz because of d heavy weight. again, izit true?
  6. moombaz

    98 XR400 smoking at start?

    does anyone have a picture to show what is valve stem and valve guides. i wanna try to understand but i cant bcoz i dunno wat is it that u guys are talking abt. i wanna know more but im an engine newbie. HELP
  7. moombaz

    XR400 Piston Jam/Cease?

    looks like this is the prob. my mech said so. gona get my bike back tomorow. tanx mates..
  8. moombaz


    aite.tanx mate.
  9. moombaz


    i see. now i get a clearer picture. Is there any routine on to overhaul engine. for example, every 6 mths you will send for overhaul. or izit wait until problem occur?
  10. moombaz


    Im still unsure since i first rode a bike. What is the exact thing that a mechanic would do/change when he says you must to a top overhaul..? Also not forgetting major overhaul. When i asked around, I kept on getting answers like "ouh your mechanic will dismantle your engine." Yes thats of course but that didnt answer my question at all. Can the experienced please give me an enlightenment.
  11. moombaz

    XR400 Piston Jam/Cease?

    Just came back from the bike shop. The mechanic tried to start my bike. Said, he's gonna open up the engine soon to see watz happening inside and call me to discuss.. Damn, can't wait to know. I'll update u guys as soon as I've got the results. Thanks for all the inputs. Do add in more. Pls. Tanx!
  12. moombaz

    XR400 Piston Jam/Cease?

    i dont think its abt engine oil bcoz i juz had it changed the day before.. how to know if my rocker arm or other parts are damaged? there is a clank sound when i kick start my bike. Its like theres a metal piece hitting the block when the piston is moving while i kickstart.. im very confused. if my piston is jammed, i cant even kick but now, i can kick but it wont start plus the clanking sound.
  13. moombaz

    XR400 Piston Jam/Cease?

    I'm not sure what happened to my bike. All i know was this started 1 week ago. 1 week ago - Bike difficult to start + lots of backfiring 4 days ago - Went to a local track to ride hard 2 days ago - Bike got no compression at all. Managed to start it after 10Min's. Reached my destination. Off my engine and try starting it back. This time it has got compression. Hmm.. Yesterday - As usual, bike difficult to start. There was once while coming to a stop, my bike stalled. TODAY - Had a very very difficult time to start. manage to start after like 15Min's or so. Bike stalled before coming to a stop on a red light junction. Best thing is, before coming to a halt, my bike fires up like nothing. Try to get it start but to no avail. Furthermore, while kicking to start the bike, theres a clank sound inside my block.. So, parked my bike on a pathway n call for a tow truck. BTW, i didn't experience any white/black smoke coming out of the exhaust. I'm very disappointed because I'm looking forward for another hard riding action in this weekend. Can someone please enlighten me to what is the problem. And does it cost a bomb to get it repair? Please help.