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  1. thanks i`ll see if i can get one as it`s a bitch of a job trying to get a stright socket down on to the plug i didn`t realise you need a wobbly one cheers.
  2. would anyone know whare i can get a sparkplug socket from in the uk?
  3. well that sounds easy enough i`ll give it a go thanks for the tips.
  4. anyone from my neck of the woods?i`m in newport there are a few of us who ride together mainly on the weekend so i`m just looking to see if anyone else is about.
  5. anyone from south wales uk on here? i`m looking for some new people to ride with.
  6. well what can i say except i know what you mean,i just bought a wr426 my first off roader for 20 years my last was a yamaha dt 175 twin shock i`m 41 now and my first two rides nearly killed me although i only came off twice and soon got back into it i ached for days after but it was worth it to be out on the mountains again i can`t wait untill tomorrow:)
  7. is changing the fork seals a difficult job,i havn`t worked on a bike for 20 years so i`m not sure about the new technology any advice would be great i`m in newport south wales uk
  8. got it thanks guys
  9. thanks for the link but it doesn`t seem to work.
  10. hiya to all i`m new to tt but what i have seen so far looks great,i`m trying to find a download for the wr426 workshop manual can anyone help me?