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  1. Hogberg

    Valves problem (with pics)

    motoxbluedog Yeah, the inlet cam mark is also O.K. Right now I'm not in the same town as my bike but I'll get back to my home town where my bike is located on Friday and then I'll remove the cylinder head and check valves. I'll keep you guys updated! Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!
  2. Hogberg

    Valves problem (with pics)

    Thanks for all the good replies! Kx250FRiDeR651: I have of course opened the timing cap on the flywheel, so I'm positive that it's TDC. The bike have been served by a local shop and the bike runs good, but i don't got any other 250 4-stroke to compare with! Yeah the bike is a little dirty but i only went I only went out for a quick ride. I live in Sweden and here it's below freezing, so I didn't want to wash it because it would take so long for the bike to dry! I always clean the bike after I been to the track! MotoX178 and Aaron_Silidker: Thanks! Yeah, I'm going to investigate the valves, but do you guys really think that all 4 valve seats are bad at the same time? But right now it seems like the only possible solution. amotodad: I'll consider that. But I'll first try to sort out the problem and when i feel like there's nothing else to do I'll take it to the shop! woodward_259 I think you mean the spark plug, it's really "deep down" on a 4-stroke. I've talked to a guy and he said that it's probably my camshaft has turned in the camshaft sprocket (both inlet and exhaust), but i compared the control hole in the sprocket with controll hole in camshaft. So at least that ain't the problem! I have also turned the flywheel around with a friend trying to put in a thickness gauge between the camshaft and den valve lifter, but it just won't get in there!
  3. Hogberg

    Valves problem (with pics)

    Hi! I had some problems with starting my RM-Z but it worked very Well on the track. So I thought I didn't have the right valves clearance. But when I removed the head cover i went into some problems! Problem no. 1 The timing mark on the cylinder does not match the top mark on the generator! The mismatch isn't big and I haven't mixed up the timing mark and the ignition mark. Look at this picture: Problem no. 2 I can't even get the thinnest thickness gauge (0.05 mm (0.00197 inch))between the cam and the valve lifter, when the cams are in right position. I suppose I have made an easy misstake somewhere! Otherwise I guess my flywheel is not in position and my shim is worn out. I'm from Sweden and my English is poor, I'm sorry for that but I hope you guys understand what I mean!