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  1. Paul547

    Should I??

    Just a quick question for you guys. Should I get a 450 or stick with 250fs? I rode a buddy's Yam 05 450 last year and really liked it, I rode anothers Honda "Hated it do to his setup" As far as my background riding, 17 years racing never threw a leg over a 250 2 stroke just 125's and 250f's. When I Rode the Yam and Hon it was only for 2 laps on a very natural terrain track, no doubles, triples ect.. I weigh 165 and 5'9 height. I race the intermidate class and +30 class, I guess I'm just wondering about power delivery, handling, and such. Thanks
  2. Paul547

    Cycle News Shootout?

    Has anyone got the new cyclenews yet? They have there 250F shootout in it this week. I have not recieved mine yet, I'll let you know as soon as I get mine. 06 YZ250F
  3. Paul547

    Who won the 06 250 F Shootout ?

    I just switched to Yamaha's this year. Why?? Reliability!! I don't care what shootouts say. I have been on Kaws since 1986. Some good, Some Bad. 04' kx250F, 05kx250F REALLY BAD!! In 22 years of racing I have never DNF'D so many times in 2 seasons. With all the money I soaked into those piles, I could of put my kids through Yale!!! I'm glad I bought an 06' YZ. Hopefully next season I can finish every race, and not have to spend every waking moment in the garage working on a bike that I know will explode again. Wait till a Mag torcher tests the kx250f then we'll see what they have to say.
  4. Paul547

    what kind of fork oil?

    I've used Race Tech Ultra Slick 5wt for many years it's little spendy but well worth it!!
  5. Paul547

    Oiling Air Filter Question

    Ooops sorry bout that
  6. Paul547

    Removing rear sprocket bolts...

    If the Bolt isn't to stripped, Use a impact and a hammer to shock the bolt loose. If you don't have an impact use your allen and a old extension and try giving it a few wacks. Hope this helps
  7. Paul547

    Oiling Air Filter Question

    What I've used for many years and had good luck with is Maxima FFT. I use a oiling tub and soak it good, and squeez out the excess oil, then stick the filters in a ziplock. Just a quick note, I seen a couple posts where some guys are using Notoil. A freind of mine swears by it and I wasn't buying it. We went to the practice track it was extreamly dusty all day. After riding we both checked our filters. You could of grown a garden on my filter and his was barely dirty. Same Track, Same Conditions. Which leads me to think where did the dirt go?? I'm not saying it's a bad product, maybe a magic oil that repels the dirt and dust off hmmm. Anyway just my 2cents on what I've seen. 06' YZ250F