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  1. Also shanecarr i believe your post is misleading to what you are trying to say. Front: -1 = more torque less top end speed +1 = more speed less torque Rear: -1 = more speed less torque +1 = more torque less top end speed
  2. suspension re-valved and swapped springs all done by techcare suspension....I'm thinking of +1 in front, as that is the easiest and cheapest setup change.
  3. thanks for the replys. I guess ill get some more seat time before I change anything. Anyone have recommendations for getting the rear wheel to hook up a little better? Only thing i have found is hang my azz over the wheel to get more traction.
  4. This weekend i took out the 2012 to the track. The bike is stupid fast. So damn fast being 175lbs the back tire just spinns. At the track i had to hang my azz over the rear fender to get the tire to hook up. I feel so much faster on a 250f because i could put the power to the ground. The bike is so powerfull, you cant choke the bike even in a high gear at a low speed! It doenst help that this weekend was my first ride of the year and i got some good arm pump.... but I feel like alot of this pump is comming from holding on the bike and not letting it kill me! My suspension is set up correct for my weight. I am just having a hard time adjusting to a 450. I cant put the power to the ground. Im thinking of changing for a +1 on the front sprocket. Or possibly a heaver flywheel, but they seem expensive and iv never done one of a 450r. Anyone else have a hard time adjusting or have some advice?
  5. so i take it i will have to buy a hose and a T
  6. I'm putting this big bore together for my dads 300ex and the new jug has this extra opening next to the cam chain tensioner what is it and what do i do about it? Pic below
  7. My 06 has been giving me problems. Starts first few kicks with the choke on, I let it warm up, then take the choke off. When i hit the gas it falls on its a$$. Cant even ride it. I checked the valves Intakes are both in spec at .005" and the exhausts are both a tight .008". The book say spec is .010" -.012". Ill need to adjust the exhaust. But is this what is causing my problem, or does it sound like something else? Thanks the help.
  8. batilzown

    CRF80/100 Service Manual????

    bummper....Someone scan that MOFO at work and make us a pda file and ill give you 5 bucks through paypal!
  9. batilzown

    CRF80/100 Service Manual????

    Can someone please post the manual. I just bought a 100 and its need to be rebuild. my email is batilzown@comcast.net thank you
  10. what do u thinks wrong with it???
  11. Just as stated in the title im about to buy this 04 crf 80 for $500.00 it doesn't run. It only runs for a couple seconds. He said he can rev it up and then it dies. First off is this a good price for a non running 04????? It also comes with another head, cam and some other sh*t. He said he replaced the head and valves and cam bla bla bla thinking that was the problem and it still didn't run Anyway whats a good compression on a crf 80? Things i can think that might be wrong. First off timing could be incorrect, Um valves to tight, stretched out timing chain, Clogged carb, Bad cdi, bad plug, loose ground. Anyone else got any opinions and ideas?????? I had a xr80 and it was a tank u could destory it what so ever. I think i can make so money off it or rock it my new stunt bike. or idea??????????????????????
  12. batilzown

    CRF50 spark arrestor/baffle

    ecebarn, Clean your kids air filer, and or move the clip on your needle to the last clip. Runjin, Why do u want it quiter? just wondering
  13. so whats the deal with it not starting?....plug is black, still gets spark. and smells like gas when i try to start it. Some times it will run for like 4 seconds then die....then after kicking it over it back fires...
  14. here's a pic......I put it all back in the way it is in the picture. I screwed it in until it was snug. That's what you are suppose to do correct?
  15. so like a dumb ass that i am... I unscrewed the main on the bottom of the carb. I took it out and a lil brass tube also came out. I put it all back in and screwed the jet back it until it was snug. Well anyway it don't run now. Did i do something wrong?? bikes is a mostly stock crf 50