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  1. TomiKoo

    Fitted any other exhausts?

    Here is one video of my 93 DR650RSE with Micron bolt-on which was originally from CBR900. That was without noise killer... And this will be my next choise. Leo Vince slip-on from GSXF650 with dB-killer...
  2. TomiKoo

    DR650: What's your REAL top speed?

    Bike is 1993 DR 650 RSE. It had 96mm Wiseco vith 11:1 comp, TM40, TwinAir filter without box, grinded original exhaust with termotec and Micron race can (CBR900). It looked like this. Tires were Metz Unicross front and Pirelli MT21 rear. Both brand new. Gearing was 15/47 (original 15/42). We were riding on sandy roads, just like this. Sun was shining and and there was 20-25C degrees. I got 153km/h to Zumo right before engine seized up... This was result! Better luck next time!
  3. TomiKoo

    forks for the DR

    This christmas package came today!! Maybe for a week too early but I didn't mind though...
  4. TomiKoo

    forks for the DR

    Those wheels are without "cush drive" if understood correctly. Sprocket is straight bolt on. Is that problem? My old DR-Z had same thing and only problem I noticed was rough "chain eating". 8000km / DID 520 X-rings... I was going to use the whole wheel in order to loose some wheight from rear end. Any good ideas are welcome! Did you Lukas get my PM?
  5. TomiKoo

    forks for the DR

    Good to hear that I didn't pay too much for those... Well still have to find wheel ans disc for "lowest possible price"! I do have axle but I think that spacers are missing. Maybe guy who sold these part gave spacers with the wheels he had also. He had cool wheels with Haan billet hubs and excel rims but those were too expensive for my budjet. I think original KTM wheels would be OK for me. Now I remember one more question! What size wheels do you have? There is lots of KTM wheels sizes 21x1.6 and 18x2.15 available here. Are those too narrow for bike like DR? Or should I use wider rims?
  6. TomiKoo

    forks for the DR

    You know what! I finally found a dealer from here who knew what I needed! I think this was 4th dealer I called to... So they understood what I needed and wanted to do searh too. They even had one adapter for 320mm disc in there. And they also offered new KTM EXC handbrake cylinder. It was some kind of special offer because KTM is selling parts for older models for "extra cheap" etc. So adapter was 70€ and handbrake cylinder 80€. I also ordered caliper sealing kit for 23€ or so. I think now there is only wheel and disc missing?!
  7. TomiKoo

    forks for the DR

    That sounds good! It would be great if you could ask the code for 320 bracket from your dealer. If I can't find the parts from here I'll buy the package you offered. Anyway please find those parts from your "warehouse" and send me a photo if you can? That disc is for KTM wheel doesn't it? Are the bolts same in every KTM wheel? Is it possible me to call to you in the weekend? I'm working with my bike on saturday and sunday so then would be a good time to call. Just if you dare to give your number here (or PM). Tomi PS: I just sent message to Stefan...
  8. TomiKoo

    forks for the DR

    I have checked KTMWorld.com and also Munn Racing. Both have microfiches but I didn't find the part number. Maybe I just have to admit that 300mm will do... Could you PM for price and how you could send those?? I will ask from Stefan. Sorry, these questions are just my way to make progress inside my head.
  9. TomiKoo

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    From "license plate" you can guess which bike exloded there...
  10. TomiKoo

    forks for the DR

    Well here is the post as it was in PM Hello Lukas Thank you for your "million dollar worth" help with this fork and brake issue. I'm very glad to find out someone who has made the same and more with DR. I have few questions about front brakes. I also would like to hear about your rear brake. And maybe your experience with triple clamps would be helpfull... So with front brake: Now I understand what you advice me to use. I still hear my self thinking 320 disc but maybe it isn't the point here. I just want to have lots of "easy usable" braking power and 320 disc feels right for me. I found out that KTM 640 Adventure uses 320 disc, 2 piston (28mm) caliper and that caliper bracket you adviced. KTM 640 Enduro has 300 disc and otherwise same system. So I'm convinced with this thing! But only problem is to find correct parts. Could you confirm if this handle would be a good choise for me. At least it comes from bike that has same caliper (2003 KTM 125 SX) as mine and that handle seems to be the same you have? In SX there is same diameter piston as EXC (11mm) but those pistons are with two different partnumbers. I don't know why. Also I can't find that bracket you mentioned. KTM doesn't seem to sell it separately here in Finland or in KTMWorld.com. You said that you have one bracket and you could send it? Would that be easiest way here? What kind of bracket it is and how old is it? How much euros do you want from it and how could we get it from you to me? Other thing is rear brake: You seem to have KTM part there also? What diameter piston do you have there? I have KTM caliper (from same 525 SX 2003) with 26mm piston on my table but I think it will be too small for heavy bike like DR? I was thinking to use this cylinder from Husqvarna but I don't know if that caliper/piston will be too small? And last but not least the triple clams: I have now KTM triples with straight 29mm axle made of aluminium. Original Suzuki axle is 30mm from lower end and 25mm from upper end. Would it be easier to ask someone make new axle to KTM triples with Suzuki measures for Suzuki original bearings? Or should I try to find some suitable bearings that could fit to KTM axle and to Suzuki frame? Sorry for many questions. I just want to be sure before I make any expensive mistakes... Best regards Tomi PS: Those parts that I linked are for sale (handle 60€ and rear brake cylinder 50€). Sould I buy those...? And here some info from today: There is no bearings that could go with KTM steering axle and Suzuki frame. So only choise is to modify KTM axle for Suzuki bearings. There is some special parts needed but I think I can handle those with workshop. Take your time with answering. I know that we all have "real life" too. I'm just so freaking enthusiast with this right now...
  11. TomiKoo

    forks for the DR

    Well he hasn't answered so maybe there is nothing to tell...
  12. TomiKoo

    front forks for the PRE 1996 DR

    Maybe you could read this thread. I have done some questions and LukasM has answered many times. Now we are talking about brakes but soon there will be some info about installation too. Mine is 1993 DR 650 RSE and the forks are from KTM 525 SX 2003.
  13. TomiKoo

    forks for the DR

    I just sent PM to Lukas with million questions... :bonk:
  14. TomiKoo

    forks for the DR

    No it's OK. I'm same kind of a-hole all the time... In fact that helped little bit with google...
  15. TomiKoo

    forks for the DR

    Heh, that good to know!