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  1. No air filters yet, but a guy on here mxmike117 has a ton of oil filters..... And some of the stainless ones..
  2. No matter what bike you get, it has been started. They are run from the factory. Ever wonder why they will start up in the crate? Actually a dealer is supposed to ride the bike and make sure it works. But it does sound like the guy took it alittle to far. Click through the gears sure. If it was me id still go for the bike, but not without a discount or a hell of a deal on some new tires.
  3. Hey im new to this. I have a full exhaust system still in the box. Yosh TRC complete system. I have no need as I have moved back to the two-smoke. It will fit the 04-05-06 kx250f / RMZ. Like I said it is brand new. PM me if you know anyone who might want one. Ill make them a killer deal.