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  1. I just installed Engine Ice last week and went out to the Desert...I am telling you right now I will not run anything else....It's AWESOME!!! I lasted longer than any other 450 in my group...All my buddies are now believers. Bike really does show more power. Hope this helps.
  2. I just put one on my Crf450, it made a big difference...I feel one of the best upgrades you can get....and for $50, can't beat that...
  3. 335 Ft. on my GSXR750. Vid is up on my Myspace along with others. www.myspace.com/ryanjanderson.
  4. Good Question?
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the assistance, I will try that this weekend.
  6. $680 seems about right...I just had my CRF450 done with Race-Tech suspension, installed by precision concepts. I would recommend re-valving, It does make a big difference, and most important if you are a bigger rider. A dirtbike is all about the suspension. I too ride in the dunes a lot, and with both your springs, and re-valve you will be able to adjust it just right for your track time as well. Good Luck.
  7. Hello, Can someone help me out with the proper procedure on Flushing out my radiator on my 04' CRF450. I want to put ENGINE ICE in. Do these bikes have a petcock for the radiator? or do I just pull the bottom hose? Also, what are the right steps in the flushing process? Thanks for any advice on the matter.