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  1. nymotoracer273

    2002 subframe

    I need th find out what year subframes will fit a 2002,will an 03 subframe fit,thanks,and does anybody have one for sale
  2. nymotoracer273

    one armed racer

    yes it is jackson at frozen ocean in western new york,the guy is awsome he skies every jump,and he is fast as hell.
  3. I was playing around and decided to try a start in third gear,and I could not beleive how good it was,plenty of power and you dont need to shift to the first corner,cant wait to try it in the races this weekend,has anyone tried this before,and if you did how did it work out for you.
  4. nymotoracer273

    High Point MX on TV?

    tonight at 6pm eastern,3pm your time,and 3pm they have the quads at loretta lynns thats noon your time
  5. nymotoracer273

    2005 yz 250-f crank cracked in half

    well I talked to 3 more mechanics today,the only bike I have heard about this happening to locally was a 10 year old bike and yamaha paid to get it done so hyopefully they will help me out,my local yamaha dealer is backed upm till next week so we will see then.
  6. nymotoracer273

    2005 yz 250-f crank cracked in half

    I could understand if it was the crank rod,but it was the whole crank itself that is cracked in half
  7. does anybody know of an email for the main office at yamaha,or a way to check on recalls,I have a 2005 yz 250-f and the crank cracked right in half,has anyone ever heard of this happening on an 05,if so what caused it,,I am hoping yamaha will work with me on this because the bike is way to new for this kind of damage'any suggestions on what to do next will be greatly apreciated,thanks
  8. nymotoracer273

    Clutch Not Disengaging

    not to sound stupid but did you lose the ball bearing that goes under the actuater arm when you had it apart,I just had that happen put new clutch in got it all back together and tire would just spin with clutch pulled in,took it apart and found out the ball bearing was gone,luckily I found it put it back in and it works great,just a thought.
  9. nymotoracer273

    Looking for a riding spot near Rochester!!!

    area 51 batavia,wed practice- http://www.area51motocross.com also- http://www.wnyma.com ,they list all our tracks frozen ocean in auburn-race tomorrow
  10. nymotoracer273

    desperatly need oil checking answer

    it is a 2005,I also have a 2002 how do you check the clutch oil
  11. I just bought a 250f and have never had a 4 stroke before,I am racing tomorrow morning and I need to know how to check the oil,on my two stroke there was a check bolt but I dont see anything like that on this bike,I need to know how to check the clutch oil and the main oil,I am pretty sure you just warm it up and check the dipstick in the frame,but someone please let me know the correct way I dont want to blow up my new toy thanks