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  1. I get trashed before i ride, makes everything more fun.......then i go home and get trashed then i get laid.......then maybe if i feel like it i will get the bike ready for the next time....but i usually don't..getting wasted makes you lazy
  2. Hello i'm new to South Carolina and i was wondering if anybody knew of any good riding areas down here? I ride a mixture of Moto and Off road if that helps any. Thanks in advance!
  3. I'll be out at manchester saturday riding the crazy whooped out track. I wish I-20 was open this weekend though
  4. Most of the quad riders i've met at the track don't have enough skill to ride on two wheels so they ride a couch around the track tearing it up for the people on bikes who are trying to have a good time.
  5. I plan on keeping the YZ, that bike is bulletproof!
  6. I have a '97 YZ 250 that have ridden for many years, but i am looking to buy a new CRF 450 and join the amazing world of light fun to ride thumpers. My question is what time of year would be best to buy a new CRF? Is there any time of year that is especally good for getting a good deal on a new bike? Any advice you guys could give would be appriciated. I don't want to get ripped off on my next bike. thanks
  7. Has anyone heard if the 2007 CRF 450 will have dual pipes like the 250F?