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  1. gildo4realdo

    I don't buy it

    wow, i guess it makes ya'll feel better to throw this whole thing out the window with "yeah, he must be a troll". Look at his posts that he's made in the past. He's a real rider who just questions things when he sees something shady. His post was basically a "beware" statement based on things he'd seen in the past. Yeah his initial post may have bashed jesse a little much, but he just wanted there to be some sort of caution about the amount of free advertisement jesse gets on this forum, cause in more cases than not, it's usually because of what shookster's accusations state. Now that this post has been made it's pretty relevent to me that Jesse is a self-made, honest business man. Otherwise there wouldn't have been this sort of uproar over this post. If anything Jesse will benefit from this post because all his supporting customers spoke up, thus strengthening his business. I just think it's hilarious how out of hand it got, which is usually the case. Don't be like gamers online who think that when they're losing, the other guy must be cheating and that's the only explanation. shookster actually benefited the forum by bringing up this topic. He's not a friggin troll so chill.
  2. gildo4realdo

    I don't buy it

    Hey shookster, instead of posting a pic of doing a burnout in your front yard, post a pic of you working endless hours putting an ugly ass plastic tank on your bike a spending bookoo's getting another 15% of power out of your bike. Oh and go ahead and post a pic of buell headlights on your 650 and describe how beautiful they are. I won't laugh... I promise.
  3. gildo4realdo

    I don't buy it

    I'm not as flamboiyant (sp?) about the inadequacies of this forum as shookster is but a couple of things are certain: 1) shookster knows what he's talking about cause I go to school with the kid and the "resume" he listed is true. I bought my 200 off of him. 2) I'm suspicious of all the "jesse is jesus" talk too, cause after searching and posting and sifting through this forum, there is actually no useful information here. The only solution everyone gives each other is "ask jesse". 3) shookster is not a troll and he doesn't give a crap if ya'll do ignore his messages. I'd be surprised to even see him on here again. He's been on this forum for awhile and obviously the feelings between jake and the collective members of this forum are mutual, except jake hasn't listened to a dang thing ya'll have said for a lot longer than this. 4) An example for the future: My bro owns a lotus and the lotus forum has this chick that posts like 20 times a day. Due to this extreme amount of posting and the fact that next to here name it says 20 billion posts, everyone seems to like/respect here. Ironically, she doesn't know a dang thing and makes very inaccurate statements all the time. Of course he can't speak up because if he speaks against here the whole forum will jump his case (much like what has happened to jake). Not to say that jesse is a fake, but some of you have basically made a personal vendetta against shookster, but all he wanted to point out is that sometimes "spamming" of a forum does happen and to beware of it. The lesson to be learned is just because someone only speaks up 5 times a year doesn't mean they know less than joe smoe that posts 5 billion times. I would almost say due to the amount of attention this post got that "spamming" or whatever influential posting is called does exist on this forum. 5) I heard if you record someone saying "jesse" and then play it backward, it sounds like "ya'll are losing way too much sleep over this and it's hilarious" lol
  4. gildo4realdo

    I don't buy it

    Quote: "I like him so much I'd send him $$ in advance and would not care if he skipped town." - R_Little This has got to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. It's so dumb I'm thinking about making a t-shirt with it on there. Hey shookster, I'll get you one too. What's your shirt size? I kinda agree with the shookster though, and unlike R_Little, I don't want to lose my money.
  5. gildo4realdo

    Acerbis Aftermarket tank VS IMS and Clark

    I agree with shookster a good bit. Those huge tanks do make them look a little obese. And for those of you who say that a 650 isn't a dirtbike, you are hugely mistaken. Yeah it may be better geared for long distance road travel, but there's no way in hell it's a bad dirtbike. I understand some of the older riders who stay on roads constantly like the DR due to it's upright seat, but why not get an SV 650 which has upright seating but is way more of a streetbike. [i've always thought dirt bikes were fugly. They ARE. I think they look cool, in an ugly utilitarian way.] - anywhere on land I'm going to have to disagree with anywhere on land though. My stock 200 is the sexiest thing ever except for my buddies KLR 250, which is so hot. I think dirt bikes look great, i even think that the KLR looks better than my bro's R6 (I know shookster will disagree with me there)
  6. gildo4realdo

    Undertail Eliminator

    I agree with shookster, the lights of the car behind you do make the illumination light useless especially since tags are like street signs and illuminate like crazy when light hits em. But if it's the law I guess you should cover your tail and keep em. I think AL doesn't require em but I could be wrong. I guess I'll find out when I make my mod like shooksters and get pulled over.
  7. gildo4realdo

    New to the forum - DR200 SE performance mods

    No but I did check the battery and all the connections under the seat looked fine. There's a ghost in the machine i guess. That 400 is so sexy. That seat looks comfy compared to mine. I outa convince jenn she needs the 200 and I need to get a 400 so I can spread my wings a little.
  8. gildo4realdo

    New to the forum - DR200 SE performance mods

    Hey, I just recently started coming to this forum and wanted to say hello and thanks for the info that's been posted. I recently bought a DR200 SE (2000) from a friend and have been riding off road every chance I get. The bike runs fine except for some kinks that I'll work on this winter while it's too cold to ride. I wanted to ask about the Kientech mods that some of you have made to your 200's. Is the exhaust mod and jet kit really worth the $75? I want to do some mods on my bike this winter that I will notice next spring and I would like some in depth input on whether this mod is worth it, or mention any other mods that have made noticable improvments on performance. I'm in college so the cheaper the better. This bike is my first motorcyle (unless you count my pocketbike) and I'm extremely pleased with it's off and on-road capabilities but I'm looking for an increase in power, primarily acceleration with less emphasis on top end. (I don't want to take it on the interstate anyways). Here's a pic of my baby (needs a wash) http://webpages.uah.edu/~oliveg/dr200.html