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  1. Where do you get the 17 inch knobblies dude? I want some.
  2. Hullo peeps........I'm a newbie to this forum. It's good loadsa info, etc. I'm From just outside BRISTOL south west of the U.K. Currently racin a XR650R supermoto and a DR350 fer enduro's.
  3. Hullo matey.
  4. Ah good it did work I'm in. Everyone have a virtual beer on me then. Just a quick note to introduce meself. I live in the U.K. and ride/race an XR650R supermoto. Even though the ol XR is a big ol bus and is hard work against all the CRF's, KTM's etc the modifications I've done to the ol girl makes it quite competitive. I also use a DR350 fer general off roading, riding, and enduro's. My Missus also owns and rides an sx200 (dr200) which I occasionally use myself as it's nice and light fer the real tricky off road stuff. So there we are. I think I qualify. Maybe Cheers guys n gals.
  5. Just seeing if my registration worked. New to this forum. Oooh theres better smilies on this forum.