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  1. yamahonzuki

    klr600 starting question

    I know I'm a little late to the conversation, but here's my two cents worth. I have an 84 that I got with only 3400 miles a couple of years ago. Engine was in great shape, but I did completely clean and reassemble the carb to make sure the fuel supply was good. Initially I kicked til I needed a shower! Rarely would it start and stay running when cold. After working out a system, here's what works for mine anyway. 1) When really cold, it's going to be a bear no matter what you do. I live in central Oregon and have tried getting her running when it's been close to freezing. With the kickstarter only, I couldn't do it. Ended up towing it behind my truck until it finally lit, got warm and finally maintained an idle. My guess is the chock doesn't choke enough when it's that cold. 2) When it's just cold from not running but the outside temp is tolerable, try about 3/4 choke, no throttle but turn up the idle speed screw on the side of the carb. Mine will usually fire within 2-4 kicks. The real trick is no throttle, As soon as it's warm, the throttle will respond normally. Turn your idle speed back down and ride away. 3) If the engine is already warm, kick itover a time or two with the ignition off to draw a little fuel into the cylinder, turn the ignition back on and it'll usually fire within 2 kicks. I find the trick is not to try and kick too hard, no matter what the temp or condition. If it doesn't fire relatively quickly trying these tips, the best thing to do is start pushing for a bump start in 2nd gear. I generally park mine somewhere on a slight incline just in case I can't kick it over. Usually doesn't take much to bump start it if it's not completely freezing outside. Hope this helps!
  2. yamahonzuki

    1984 KLR 600 Rebuild (suggestions welcome)

    Thanks for the quick reply. Hope you have some luck finding a cylinder head, I know from experience over the last couple of years that new "big" parts for the 84-86's are hard to come by. I've been able to put mine on the road with quite a few EBAY purchases. I even found a brand new stock tank for $200.00 from one of the vintage Kawasaki sites. Also just bought a new magneto cover from overseas for 1/2 what the dealer here wanted. If I can help with any parts, let me know!!! Good luck getting her going again!!!
  3. yamahonzuki

    1984 KLR 600 Rebuild (suggestions welcome)

    Hey Bronco306, I've got an 84 KLR600 with an Acerbis tank also. Just wondering what you used for paint on your tank? Mine is currently green and I'd like to paint it white but understand it's tough to get most paints to stick due to the gas fumes leeching through the plastic. Have you had that same problem with the black paint you used? Any help is appreciated. Good looking bike you're putting back together there!!!
  4. yamahonzuki

    KLR600 Acerbis Tank?

    Just thought I'd check in again to see if anyone else has had any luck finding one of these tanks. Thanks in advance for any help!!!
  5. yamahonzuki

    KLR600 Acerbis Tank?

    Thanks for trying! Keep me in mind in case you run across another one. I'll keep looking on my end, hopefully one will pop up eventually.
  6. yamahonzuki

    KLR600 Acerbis Tank?

    Just wondering if you had any luck? I've been checking EBAY often, but no luck? If it even possible to get one of these tanks new still? My understanding is that Acerbis quit making these back in 94. Anyway, any help from anyone out here would be great. Thanks!!!
  7. yamahonzuki

    KLR600 Acerbis Tank?

    Just wondering if anyone out here has an oversize Acerbis tank for sale for a 84-86 KLR 600? Just got this old bike running and am lacking some mileage range. Thanks!!! You can contact me at lifeline00@wmconnect.com or (541)923-2700.
  8. yamahonzuki

    1984 KLR600 Help!!!

    I just acquired an 84 model that was sitting for the better part of 13 years. Only 3400 original miles. I've done all the usual cleaning and regreasing to get the old girl running and hopefully reliable. I've read about the "doohickey" failure problem potential and have purchased the parts necessary to complete that fix even though it's apparently not that common to the early years. I'm also wondering if anyone has any help in modifying the cam chain tensioner as I've read about a few failures in this area of the engine also. Also, anyone with experience with these models that can help with helpful mods would be great. Last but not least, if it possible to add an electric starter to this bike without costing a small fortune? Thanks!!!