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  1. Answer_250f

    kickstand question

    i was wondering if a 2008 crf 250x kickstand would fit a 2005 crf 250r?? i dont think the frames have changed but not sure.
  2. Answer_250f

    muzzy exhaust???

    has any one tried a muzzy exhaust for a crf 250??
  3. Answer_250f

    02 cr 125 rad help!!!

    does anyone know what years of honda radiators will fit an 02 cr 125?
  4. Answer_250f

    stock hp?

    26 is way off more like 32 hp from what i hear
  5. ive look near and far for some acerbis platic frmae guards for my 05 and cant find'em can anyone give me any advice on where to get some or which other models will fit?
  6. Answer_250f

    05 yz250f FRAME GUARDS

    dont really like carbon fiber, i would like to find a pair of the blue plastic acerbis ones but thx.
  7. Answer_250f

    05 yz250f FRAME GUARDS

    i want a set of acerbis plastic frame guards for my 250f and i cant find the anywhere can anyone tell me any info where to get'em or what others bikes will fit it thx.
  8. Answer_250f

    Need a manual for a 2001 YZ250F

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/YAMAHA-YZ250F-WR250F-2001-2003-SERVICE-REPAIR-MANUAL_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35580QQitemZ4615486773QQrdZ1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/YAMAHA-YZ250F-N-LC-MOTORCYCLE-SERVICE-MANUAL-2000_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ34239QQitemZ8039615720QQrdZ1 there ya go if this helps.
  9. Answer_250f

    back firing flames

    yea it was on its side on the rev limiter, thanks for the input guys much appreciated.
  10. Answer_250f

    back firing flames

    i have an 05 yz250f and i was riding in the snow i spun out my bike fell over and the throttle stuck my friend said it was shooting flames out of the exhaust is this normal, is my jetting to rich?
  11. Answer_250f

    Stock sprockets size ?

    13/48 is stock gearing on my 05 250f
  12. it all depends on what riding you do, say if its a woods bike disc guards are a must but say in the dunes you wouldnt need them, just good protection incase some debris hits your rotor.
  13. any one using a hmf slip on pipe on a yz250f?
  14. Answer_250f

    Project Blue YZ250F finally done.

    sweet bike man, the pipe looks great going to pick a hmf pipe tomorrow.
  15. Answer_250f

    yzf250 or crf250

    actually the new aluminum frames on the yz's are any lighter do a search on yamaha site and compare the weight of the 05's to the 06's no difference, yamaha is way better than honda anyway if you ask me honda is overrated i would rather have 5 valves and 2 cams with a yammi instead of 4 valves and 1 cam with a honda.