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  1. Any one ever done a 2013 ktm 450sx kx500 engine swap out? Anyone done this? We are about to start any tips or tricks would be great! Thanks
  2. Hello there, I'm doing a 2013 ktm 450sx supermoto build. Does anyone know if the 2013 ktm 990smt wheels will fit on the 13 450sx? Or if they will fit with a little help? Thanks
  3. kujo666666

    riding aeras?

    hello, just moved to sandpoint from tx, and lookiing for some new trails, single track, or 4wheeler trails... thanx!!!
  4. kujo666666

    Highland Motors...

    Has anyone heard of this company out of sweeden? was looking on dirtrider and saw some pics froma a motorcycleshow, and saw them... any one know anything about them? thanks...
  5. will be in houston this weekend, like to see if there is any new fe550's there, no dealers in dallas that i know of? anyone help? thanks//
  6. kujo666666

    berg warranty?

    went and looked at the new berg's, and was talking to the dealer, and he told me that they only have a 30 day warranty... and was looking on here and people on here were saying 1 year? any one have any input?
  7. kujo666666

    any Recommendations?

    looking for a high perfomance, single track/mountain bike.... the dealer here in dallas, is gettin his new berg's and huskys in tomarrow so im going to go take a look at those...
  8. kujo666666

    any Recommendations?

    I get to get a new bike this year, and was looking to get somthing out side the box.. do alot of singe track and trial riding. anyone have any thoughts on good or the bad on any of the eourpean bikes? thanks.