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  1. fhurricane1000

    Xr250r doen not start after replacing hotcams with a stock cam.

    Hi, just want to give the update. firstplacephoto you were right. It was the cam setting plunger and plunger spring were missing.
  2. fhurricane1000

    Xr250r doen not start after replacing hotcams with a stock cam.

    Thanks for the info. i also heard from Xr's only i should have a #48 pilot jet too. I relayed this to the Honda tech. I don't think he thinks this would work. Thanks again.
  3. HELP! I had a 277 kit done, plus a hotcams installed. The bike ran well except for the fact the kick start gear broke three times. So I had the stock cam put back in and now the bike does not start. They checked to see if it was installed correctly, and it was. It has been at Honda Dealer for two.months now. They want to replace the piston and rings now, but the compression is very good. I have less than 20 hours on it. I called Xr's Only but didn't hear from them. So any ideas why it's not starting. They tried a new CDI Box, rebuilt the carb, but no luck. Thanks..
  4. fhurricane1000

    2001 250r cam, rockers and cam chain

    Hi, just read your post, I Had a hot cam installed on my xr with a 277 kit. BIG MISTAKE! I broke the kick start idle gear 4x's. Trying to start the bike the first time and 2x's with crashes and the other when someone else try to start it. Had a shop put the stock cam back in.
  5. fhurricane1000

    xr250r doesn't start..

    Thx.. for the reply, Ps,, I did try to push start it to the point where I was almost in cardiac arrest..LOL
  6. fhurricane1000

    xr250r doesn't start..

    Hi, I know this has been beaten to death.. My xr has a a 277 kit with a Hot Cams in it. What happened was with out the auto decompression in it, I broke the kick start idle gear a few times . Once trying to start it and the other two times when I went down. So I had a shop put back in the stock cam with all the necessary bits. Now the bike doesn't start, not even a pop. There is a spark, so is it possible that the cam is not lined up correctly? Any thoughts would be helpful. Thank You...
  7. fhurricane1000

    kick start idle gear breaking

    When I was talking to the tech at XR'S Only he did mention that this problem was much more common with the 400's than the 250's. I will be doing the same "fix" as you did and put the stock cam back in. Regards
  8. fhurricane1000

    kick start idle gear breaking

    The first time it happened I was on vacation. So I had a dealer do it. So everything was done right. I did it the next three times. The gear splits into two even halves, and scoring the bushing. It's not the gear on the kick start shaft. I spoke to Al Baker's XR'S Only, and was told that the Hot Cam's which doesn't have the auto decompression like the stock one. So you need to kick start it on the down side of the compression stroke. This will have the exhaust valve opening make less cylinder pressure. With the stock cam if you kick it on a compression stroke the auto decompression engages on the exhaust valve to make less cylinder pressure. One other thing could also make this happen I was also told by Al Baker's Tech, "if the cam was installed wrong and off by as little as one tooth off". Thanks for your help.
  9. fhurricane1000

    kick start idle gear breaking

    Help! This is the third time this gear has broken. Please, can anyone give me any idea why this keeps happening. It's a '03 xr250r with a big bore kit from Al Bakers and a Hot Cams stage one. I hardly ride this bike. Thanks for any help.
  10. fhurricane1000

    what tires are best for xr 400?

    I like Bridgestone M601 and M602.
  11. fhurricane1000

    XR250R cam an rockers

    I would call Service Honda (1 800 828-5498). Great OEM prices for all Hondas.