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  1. rider608

    Big bore kit for kx250f

    If you go bigger than an 81mm bore(276cc) on the KX w/o stroking or balancing the crank the engine gets the stereotypical big bore "chunky" feeling (builds hard down low and flat lines on the top end) and they vibrate. What most people want and enjoy is a bike that keeps alot of the same charistics of their stock bike but more power everywhere. 81mm bore is the limit on that feeling. If you go bigger than that it feels like you are riding a small big bike(bad) instead of a big small bike(good). It is all in what you are looking for. Just remember somtimes you can physically go bigger but it always is not better. Hope that makes sense.
  2. Sell the 450 and get a 302 stroker - You won't be sorry! I had the same senerio a few months ago and I went with my gut and did it. I love my 450 and I am going to keep it for the Ice(since I can't get much for re-sale out of it around here) but the 302 is the perfect balence of power and weight. Real useable power that makes riding totally fun, and it does not wear you out like a 450 does - A perfect vet bike. It will still rev if you want it to but for the most part you find yourself short shifting and using the added torque. Like the others said you don't rev it near as hard as a stocker so it only stands to reason that it won't wear out as quickly. Revs kills an engine.
  3. rider608

    RPM CRF 302 Jetting issues

    Treecutter - This is what Rex sent me when he saw the thread about your 302X jetting. Hope it helps. - Cliff PS - I normally don't watch these pages but somebody told me I needed to log on and see if I coulden't help you out. If you need to contact me jlarkosh@maxpower-engines.com "I ran 175 main NCYS needle in 4th clip 45 pilot 70 leak jet fuel screw 2 to 2.5 turns out.. air box opened up and all CARB crap removed this is a 2006 CRF302X with Leo Vince Enduro full system on it .. The bike ROCKED at the DIRT RIDER 24 HR. Torture Test Jan 31 Feb1 2006.. Ran day and night flat out and never faltered... A few time the head pipe was a might red but that happens when You are holding it on...... the only thing I would check is to not have an air leak in the intake system... f not RIDE THAT SUCKER AND HAVE SOME FUN... Rex Halepeska Team / Project Manager Leo Vince X3 MaxPower/RPMS Team "