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  1. AXX

    how much trans oil in a 150r ?

    Thanks! I grew up in vt, hope you all have a good winter.
  2. Anyone know how much oil to put in my 07 150r?
  3. AXX

    need RMEC 06 sched

    Can someone give me a link to RMEC? Got their 06 membership app, but would like to see the race sched. before i sign up
  4. Main reason for switching was weight, power and noise. My 05 450 exc was way louder than my new bike an 06 300 xcw, and only a little more powerful for thirty extra pounds. I found the 2 st handled better when cornering as well.
  5. AXX

    VDR 1/15/06 H/S round 4

    Hell, I still cant remember how I crashed, and as far as the ribs are concerned, dont make me laugh. It wicked hurhts!!!!!!!!!!! Im coming around, but itll be a spell before I get back to VDR. Maybe in the spring after th e flat track sect thaws.
  6. AXX

    rooster rad guards on your 300 xcw?

    Just ordered the flatland racing ones. Looked like better airflow than the roosters, and couldnt justify kicking down 200 on the bulletproofs, although i really wanted them BAD!!!
  7. Anyone using Rooster radiator guards on their 300s? Look burley, but also air restrictive. Saw another thread saying no but not adressing the 2 smokes
  8. If the weather holds will be heading to sandwash on Monday. Was there Thursday w my kids and not a flake of snow, in fact the roads were actually dusty. Hope to be there around noon.
  9. Will be on Maui mid Jan for two weeks and was wondering whats up for riding there? Bike and gear rentals etc.... Let me know. Thanks
  10. AXX

    Pics of your dirtbike!

    heres mine 06 300xcw w ee off road lighting kit x mas pres
  11. AXX


    Heres mine, hope this works
  12. AXX

    06 colorado 500 want some info

    I know its invite only, but there has to be a resourse out there to facilitate the invitation process. Im a lodging based business (campground) owner in Colorado. Ready to help out , volunteer, donate, etc to get to know the group.
  13. anyone know where i can find out about this event, am interested what where when. Thanks
  14. AXX


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