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    07 Crf150r Dyno Results

    07 Crf150r Dyno Results 20.7 Peak Hp Std Correction Method
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    07 Crf150r Dyno Results

    The Run I Posted Was Done With A Knobby But Not By Choice I Only Had A Short Time With This Bike Before I Shipped The Motor Parts In All Different Directions To Have The Piston & Cam Made. But I Will Post A New Run Shortly With A Knobby & A Smooth Tire So You Can Use It For Comparison. I Also Have Flowed The Head And There Is Plenty Of Room For Improvement. Good Point Eddie Sisneros!
  3. I think Tom Zont, Eric Gorr, & Gary Borelli do absolutely great work. I would highly reccommend any of these companies. I would look around the area (tracks) and try some of there bikes and the work that has been done. Bryan White has done a lot of great testing for us and I appreciate the compliments.
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    07 Crf150r Dyno Results

    Here Is A Graph.
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    07 Crf150r Dyno Results

    Yes We Have A 07 Crf150r And Yes We Have A Dyno In House To Test It With.most 85' Make Between 16-19 Hp Depending On Engine Work.i Will Try To Post The Graph Later Today.