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  1. kxf17


    That is cool - My daughter is 8 and we are building a house, my wife and her are fighting because she wants to paint her room KAWI green and get dirtbike border and accessories. - I LOVE IT!!
  2. kxf17

    Me at Calhoun

    Okay - the (NOISE) I mean music sucks!! But the video part is cool
  3. Listen to when the guy first says " DUDE, THEY'RE GOING TO BEAT OUR @$$e$" - that was so funny - I thought he was going to cry.
  4. kxf17

    My track behind my house....

    awesome - i am buying 110 acres right now and building a house and track!!! I cant wait!!!
  5. kxf17

    First Race Pictures

    looks like fun track
  6. kxf17

    Best 85 mx videos ive seen!!!

    kids these days
  7. kxf17

    Glamis Video

  8. kxf17


    gotta love the kids -
  9. kxf17

    WV woods helmet cam.

    where in WV are you? cool vid
  10. kxf17

    Short video

    cool video