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  1. That is cool - My daughter is 8 and we are building a house, my wife and her are fighting because she wants to paint her room KAWI green and get dirtbike border and accessories. - I LOVE IT!!
  2. Okay - the (NOISE) I mean music sucks!! But the video part is cool
  3. Listen to when the guy first says " DUDE, THEY'RE GOING TO BEAT OUR @$$e$" - that was so funny - I thought he was going to cry.
  4. awesome - i am buying 110 acres right now and building a house and track!!! I cant wait!!!
  5. looks like fun track
  6. kids these days
  7. cool
  8. gotta love the kids -
  9. where in WV are you? cool vid
  10. cool video