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  1. KasloKlown

    Master cylinder sight window replacement

    I'm talking about a 32 year old forest rat bike. I'm more concerned with function than resale. I think it's value has bottomed out.
  2. KasloKlown

    Master cylinder sight window replacement

    I may even give up the quick checkability of the window and glue a dime in there. It'll never leak anyhow right.
  3. Who has replaced their crapped out plastic window with a glass one? Do I toss the o-ring and epoxy the new glass one directly to the casing? Do I need the little metal disk in there? Thanks!
  4. KasloKlown

    '84 xt 600 broken foot peg bolts?

    Thanks JJ.... I guess I have another winter project. I just hope it lasts until snowfall.
  5. Hello all, It appears that the bolts on the brake side foot peg have let go of the frame. I'm speculating that the nut for each bolt is tacked to the inside of the pocket that cups the frame. My issue is that both bolts will turn freely but will not loosen enough to be removed or tighten enough to prevent the peg bracket from moving. Can anyone confirm this and offer advice on how to remove the bolts and reattach the nuts? Thanks!
  6. KasloKlown

    TT600 rebuild

    What kind of paint didi you use for the frame? I just finished sandblasting my 84 xt frame and am ready to prime and paint. Any recommendations?
  7. KasloKlown

    Re-Jet after Re-Build??

    I am planning on a re-bore and new piston on my 84 xt600 and was wondering if I will need to do any jetting or carb adjustments. Any other tips and things to concider would be appretiated.
  8. KasloKlown

    84' xt Electrical Question

    Problem solved. I went to my local Napa and bought a new 15 amp breaker and recycled the rubber boot that held the old one. The new one is a self resetting type as opposed to pushing the little red button. You just need to find the short or it will keep breaking.
  9. KasloKlown

    84' xt Electrical Question

    As I was cleaning up some wire conections on my 84' xt600 I broke off one of the pins on the little breakrer the sits above the battery - @$%#@! Does anyone know how to fix it, or what is the worst that can happen if I just bypass the breaker and go positive straight to the battery? Of coarse this happens 2 days before a weekend camping trip. Any input would help.
  10. KasloKlown

    Timing Help On A 85 XT600

    Chances are that it is your valves that need adjusting. The specs for intake is .07mm - .12mm (.0028 - .0047 in) for the intake and .12 - .17mm ( .0047-.0067 in) for the exhaust. Do it first thing in the morning before any start up, according to the Clymer manual.
  11. KasloKlown

    '84 xt600 Speedo Drive

    A couple of months ago my speedo cable broke and I neglected to change or disconnect it untill I got a new one. Now I have a new one and when installed does not work. When I took the old one off it looked all chewed up on the drive end with the square part being completely frayed. The cable had broke in the middle so the other end was fine. I took the gear off of the front wheel to check it out and found that it still turns fine with a screwdriver shoved in the end. My worry is that the receiver part of the gear have been rounded. Has anyone ever had a similar problem they have fixed? Or can I simply install a wireless bicycle speedo?
  12. I have been concidering swapping the stock forks from my '84 xt600 to something more substantial. What sort of limitations do I face in attempting this? I would like to keep my stock front wheel with it's disk and be able to mount the stock caliper, plus headlight and other instraments if changing the tripple tree is required. Is this a undertaking that would be worth the effort, or would I be better off simply changing the springs and oil to stiffen the front end up? I see that Progressive has a set of springs that will fit this old beast so that is an option. I am planning a trip around Baja so I need to do something with the suspension since as it is, every bump I hit causes the fenders to hit the tires, both front and rear.
  13. KasloKlown

    xt600 with yz490 forks

    With a little more seaching, I've discovered that the yz use a drum up untill '84 I believe, so I'm going to look for one with a disk setup as I think this will be an easier conversion and still retail what litle stopping power that the xt tank has. Still wondering if the swap will bolt right on and go or if any change to stearing angle is required.
  14. KasloKlown

    XT 600 suspension

    Check out www.worksperformance.com they have a few options for lots of bikes. I can't yet testify as to how well they preform, but am concidering their Duracross line for my '84 xt600.
  15. KasloKlown

    xt600 with yz490 forks

    What about how difficult a job it would be? Any cutting and welding or is it a straight bolt on swap?