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  1. battlehatch

    Pilot jet?

    The pilot jet has to do with idle and just barely tipping the throttle. If it's running and idling fine, I wouldn't mess with it.
  2. battlehatch

    DRZ400SM jetting problems

    I think I boogered up the needle washer configuration. I put it back in correctly, moved the clip to the 2nd position and it seems to run better. Less surging, I wonder if putting a pipe on it will make the surging go away...
  3. battlehatch

    DRZ400SM jetting problems

    ok, I installed the DJ jet kit, needle on the 2nd clip 150 main, screw 3.5 turns out. BTW, my bike is stock with 3x3 mod. I measured the hole and I actually cut the hole 3.5"x4". So the bike runs great up top, but on the needle, it surges. I bumped up to a 155 main, and moved the clip down one position, still surges and seems even worse. What should I do? Did I f**k up my bike by cutting the hole too big? HELP!
  4. battlehatch

    '06 DRZ400SM ecu swap...

    Anyone hear of swapping the 06 DRZ400SM ECU out for the DRZ400E model ecu? I heard it has a differect ign. curve and higher redline... is this true?