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  1. Thank you guys,I will pull the carb.............
  2. 2002 WR426F wont stay running without choke pulled out ,Any help to guide me what to look for or check out . Previous owner bought new in 2002 put 20 hours on bike and stored it till about 4 months ago when I purchased it , dont know if he drained carb but it runs and idles with choke pulled , push choke in and it dies..............
  3. What condition is your impeller in ( chipped or bent blades ) and inside of your pump (vain guide trashed or rocks run through it ) this makes a big difference , will run on land but no power in the water.
  4. Washington

    It was great to meet Bill and Chuck,the day was epic for this time of year,I too had my share of meeting the ground but totally ejoyed the ride and company.Lets ride anytime guys.................
  5. I have the trail tech on my 2005 YZ125,and love it!!!
  6. 53 here and will never quit!!!!
  7. ODI Grips run from between 16.95-22.95(Google search),far superior to glue and wire,pays for themself in no time when you dont have to mess with them again.I have them on my dirtbikes,jetskies and mountain bikes...........
  8. Better pic of 550
  9. They started trading/sharing bike lines in 2003!!
  10. I put a lighting coil,rectifer and light on my woods weapon 2005 YZ125, lighting coil and rectifier purchased at electrexworld.co.uk,used a K&S # 12-0051 universal lighting switch and UFO Oregon headlight.
  11. Pull the sparkplug,turn the bike completely over on the seat/handlebars,and manually crank the motor by hand,turn back over and spray WD 40 in cylindercrank over,turn upside down again and repeat,do this about 3-4 times,then change out any trans/case oils.This should get you going again.
  12. 30th anniversity issue 800 sxr and 1992 550 sx..
  13. 30th anniversity issue 800 sxr and 1992 550 sx............. ....
  14. This is the only one that I have found that seems to have anything for the YZ125 2005 and up,I will be ordering this setup for my 05. http://www.electrexworld.co.uk