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    Xr 200 Timing issues

    My Problem; I tore down my 89 xr200 and thought the cases had to be split because of a bent shift fork - well it was the star over on the right side of the motor that was just wore out, its shifting fine. Unfortunely I already tore the whole thing down. I got it all back together and there isn't any compression. Spark plug has fire, the light comes on but I cannot get the timing right "I GUESS?" I don't understand the whole "t" thing I have looked at the clymer manual about a 100 times and we put the chain on correct etc... No compression well maybe a little but it also backfires about every 4th or 5th good kick. Can anyone shed some light on the timing/compression issue? I have the o lined up when putting the chain on with the piston all the way up at the top when having it lined up. I don't know where to go from here. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!