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  1. NV525SMR

    New wheel....

    i like the orange/black rims with the anodized orange hubs...i think they'd look SICK on my bikes. later, dkm
  2. NV525SMR

    Infineon Track day

    i'd love to cruz out for the trackday..but since its 600miles away we'll wait for the Dec 12th meeting.
  3. NV525SMR

    WCSM is THE BEST school...PERIOD!!

    Darrick, I talked to Mitch today, he said if he has some springs at the shop he's bringing them along. He should be here by friday. If not I'm sending the forks over to MX Tech to do a quick once over on the front ends of both bikes. I'm thinking I might bring both my bikes with me so we can go through them together. What do you think? later, Dave
  4. My buddy and I just returned from Darricks school and we LOVED it. Darrick and his staff, Ronnie and Jason, were HANDS down the best teachers. Their hands on teaching put everyone at ease and made the learning experience fun and easy. They took their time for one on one coaching and instruction. They seriously went above and beyond all other schools. ANYONE considering a supermoto school should look these guys up. They will without a doubt make you head and shoulders faster then you EVER thought possible. The drills taught will make you concentrate and focus on technique and consistancy. Darrick...thanks for the help, we'll see you soon for the advanced school. Take Care, DKM PS...i've enclosed a picture of where Darrick was most of the day. Maybe next time you'll catch me. http://www.hostpicsfree.info/show.php?img=956322WCSMschool008Large106.jpg
  5. NV525SMR

    KTM supermoto front plate

    I have one...I'd sell it for the right price. I bought 2 of the Factory HMC unlimited bikes after the AMA Supermoto season. I have a spare. email me at dkm1(at)cox(dot)net dave
  6. NV525SMR

    Grange' Supermoto Practice NOV. 20

    I'm down to go..i know one of my buddies would go too...