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  1. dwkolb1

    YZ 250F WR 250F XR 250 OR KLX 300

    i would go for the WR or KLX. XR is reliable, heavy and slow. YZ is ok but does have very close gear ratios and not best for trails with a taller first.
  2. i have been an automotive tech for 22 years, and on the loose side is nearly always ok for exhaust valves; intakes should stay towards the middle of the range.
  3. dwkolb1

    Help with choosing 2nd bike

    I own a xr400 and have a good friend who owns a CRF150 and CRF230...both feel heavy and are under-suspended/underpowered for me at 5'9" and 190lbs. Another friend had until recently a TTR125LE that was OK on suspension, but needed some more power and a little taller geraing.
  4. dwkolb1

    Oil viscosity For The XR400

    I ride out in Ocotillo Wells, CA in warm temps at times and have run nothing but Honda HP4 10w40 for 2 years....no problems and it starts easier cold than when I ran 20w50.