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  1. Mesa_AZ_99KLR650

    KLR 650 riders

    i guess there are no KLRs in western NY. I assume you checked the regional forums? Good luck.
  2. Mesa_AZ_99KLR650

    movin to Oklahoma

    Where is 500 Acres? I'm presently in AZ, but graduated from OSU and will eventually get to take my KLR back there and ride- the in laws live in Stilly. thx
  3. Mesa_AZ_99KLR650

    Riding Near Laughlin/Bull Head City

    There is a fun ride nearby called Christmas Tree Pass. It's on the West side of the river, N of Laughlin. It cuts the corner between 163 and 95. Avoid primetime, though, as it's popular with SUVs. Not sure on the mileage.
  4. Mesa_AZ_99KLR650

    Westside Arizona Roads ?

    If you can break the silence, shoot me a topo map of the routes you take. I go to the river every other week and would like to make a DS trip out of it to kill the I-10commute. If you need any more info about the roads around the Colorado River, give me a shout. I have been working down there with endangered fish for going on 5 years now. I know most of the dirt along the river well. The roads through KOFA are a nice challenge. A bit sandy, but a min of 88 miles of fun from Yuma to I-10. Be prepared, though. It's a great place to not see another human all day.
  5. Mesa_AZ_99KLR650

    acerbis handguard problem

    I too have this issue with aftermarket signals on my KLR650. I was afraid it was because they are from Taiwan and purchased from Ebay, but I think it is simply a chincy flasher issue. Mine flash at variable rates and it generally mirrors the rate of the engine revs. Anyone have some concrete answers besides avoid crappy signals? Gracias:excuseme:
  6. Mesa_AZ_99KLR650

    KLR 650 No spark, Pleeeze help!

    Why did you hook all three clutch safety switch wires together? I don't have a wiring diagram, but I have a bike that runs. I was forced to field-replace the clutch lever (as I broke mine off at the base) and I spliced 2 wires together to bypass the switch, not 3 (can't recall which two, since I'm at my office). Try that out. Assuming that you are even getting power to the switch.
  7. Mesa_AZ_99KLR650

    klr650 bogging down/stalling

    I'm no gearhead, but I'd check that the engine isn't getting choked. When the engine is revving, the slight differences in air volume (caused by choking) getting to the cylinder are negligible, but at low, idling revs, it is a substantial difference. The solution is a matter of simply adjusting the range of the choke lever on the handlebar. I had this problem once and a minor adjustment solved the issue. (but make sure that the idle is at a preferred rate at the same time) Those over-trained repair jockeys may be overlooking something very simple. Good luck
  8. Mesa_AZ_99KLR650

    Luggage tips KLR 650

    An alternative to the beer can trick (without the plus of getting to drink a beer) is to use longer screws for the muffler guard. I put ~2 inch hex screws with backing nuts (so the guard sticks in place) to bring the guard an inch or more away from the muffler. Make sure you use loctite. The idea is to dissipate the heat via airflow. I have soft bags and this has prevented heating/melting of the bags. It will still take an in-town, hot, stop and go trip or two for me to be totally convinced, but I am optimistic. -JD
  9. Mesa_AZ_99KLR650

    KLR 650 Exhaust

    I have read many postings in regards to appropriate exhaust configurations for the KLR 650, but I still have questions. I just swapped the stock-model Dunlops for Kendas and the rear is wider than stock. The result is that the tire rubs and burns on the muffler (when the shock compresses). Not a huge issue, but annoying. The stock muffler is large, oddly shaped and sounds poorly. Is there a throatier model that is suggested as a replacement (but doesn't add to the decibels)? Obviously the cheapest solution is to buy a narrower tire, but I want to upgrade the exhaust eventually. I adjusted the preload and dampening on the rear shock to over compensate (and save melting the tire), but this isn't a practical solution, especially for off-road. Any suggestions?